Event Setup Examples

A great variety of sports competitions is timed with RACE RESULT active and passive technology.
Find some of the most common setups here.

Road Race

Trail Running


Track Box Passive




Semi-permanent Installations


Open Triathlon

Elite Triathlon


Elite Triathlon

Mass Cycling Race


Mud Run / Obstacle Run


Speed Skating / Short Track

Open Water Swim

Endurance Riding

The perfect solution for every event

RACE RESULT offers the complete solution for your event, including timing systems, bibs and timing transponders, online registration, race management and scoring.

The RACE RESULT System is the perfect timing system for every event. Buy it at an amazing price or simply rent it for the weekend of your race.


The right timing chip for any type of event: on the bib, on the MTB plate, on the ankle, on the baton. Depending on the type of event, you can use passive transponders (without battery) or active transponders (with battery).


RACE RESULT 12 is the most innovative race management software for any type of event. The online registration and online results on my.raceresult.com are already included.

You’re putting on a sports event and want to do the timing on your own? In this video we guide you through all the important steps to make your first timing project a winning experience.

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