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Active Timing Solution

Active timing technology is best suited for Cycling, Triathlons, Motorsports, Inline Skating, Ski and Mud Races. It offers highest precision at high speeds and more resistance to water/moisture. All active transponders are reusable.

Loop cable
(up to 30 m width / 60 m cable length)*
*depending on regulatory region
Active Transponders
ActiveBasic V3
ActivePro V3
ActivePro V3
MotorKart V3
Other Equipment
USB Timing Box
Management Box
Loop Box
Track Box Active

Passive Timing Solution (UHF)

Passive timing technology is the right solution for mass events like Running, Marathon, MTB Races, Triathlons or Trail runs. Passive transponders on bibs and on roll are disposable products. TransponderCard and HuTag are reusable.

The new Ubidium Ground Antenna is expected to be available from 2024. Until then, our Decoder 5000s with its ground antenna remains our recommendation for passive timing.
More about Decoder 5000s →

Ubidium Ground Antenna (4.6 m, extendable up to 23 m)
Passive Transponders
Bib with Transponder
Transponder on roll
Other Equipment
Track Box Passive

RACE RESULT Product Brochure

Discover our portfolio of timing hardware and software, as well as best practice examples from all over the world.

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