Timing solution for
Trail Running

With our passive systems it is now easier than ever to time trail runs, the Track Box Passive makes those hard to reach splits easily accessible. The boxes can be carried to remote points by helpers and activated with just the push of a button. The box then sends all the data live to the timing software over cellular network. Participants only need to wear their bib number with disposable transponder.

Event Reference

Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail

Tirol, Austria

The Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail 2021 was timed by Timit using the Passive System. The ~1.000 participants could decide between distances of up to 105 km. Such an event is the perfect terrain for the Track Box Passive. The density at the split points is low, volunteers can easily carry the boxes to the timing location and set them up. The boxes are controlled remotely with RACE RESULT 12 software and send their timing data live. At major timing points (start, finish) with a higher density of runners, the combination of Decoder and Ground Antenna is ideal. For the whole event, a total of 7 Decoders and 7 passive Track Boxes were used. The timing could be managed by only one person!


If the start and finish are in the same place, you only need a single timing system with decoder and ground antenna. Set the system up at the finish line, connect it to a laptopand you're ready to start providing real-time results.

The Track Box Passive is set up at the checkpoints. Runners are detected across trails up to four meters wide, provided the density of runners is not too high. The timing data is sent live to the timing software (your laptop needs an internet connection for this). The Track Box can be operated with RACE RESULT SIM cards, these offer above-average reception on any available mobile network.

If the start and finish are at different places, you can use the gun time (every participant has the same start time), install another timing system at the start or you may even have time to move your system from start to finish.

In RACE RESULT 12, our timing software, use the "Standard Event" template. This provides a perfect starting point and may already bring all you need.



Receives the signals from the transponders, calculates the exact finish time and provides the data to the scoring software like RACE RESULT 12 in real time. Internal battery for 8-10 hours, integrated 4G module, precise GPS time, 2 ethernet ports.

Foldable Ground Antenna

The patented red mat has become inherent part of hundreds of start and finish lines in sports competitions all over the world. The setup can be done in a few seconds. This saves personnel and storage costs. Race organizers benefit from the quick installation of split points.

Track Box Passive

UHF transponder timing with only one small device. Eeasy to carry, super fast in setup and managed remotely. With UHF reader, GPS and battery integrated, it is the ideal device for split points, remote timing locations and advanced race visualization. Internal battery for 10-18 hours. Can also be powered by solar panel or external sources.

Bib with Transponder

UHF transponders specially developed for sports timekeeping. Praised by customers worldwide for highest detection rates. The accuracy is 0.2 s. Transponders are available on roll or ready-attached to a customized, personallized Tyvek bib.

Safety Pins


RACE RESULT 12 Software

The complete software for timing and managing of any kind of sports event. The intuitive user interface allows you to setup events without complicated formulas or calculations. Featuring registration, event timing, scoring, live results and various output options in one browser-based solution.

Pricing for the Complete Solution

rent buy  
RACE RESULT System 5000s, 4.8m
Decoder + 4.8m Ground Antenna
$ 369 $ 5,399 per system
Bib with Transponder (single) $ 1.16 - $ 1.37 per race number
RACE RESULT Track Box Passive Set $ 369 $ 3,099 per case with 2 boxes
Safety Pins
to attach the transponder
$ 7.51 per 1000 units
Software RACE RESULT 12
including online registration
  $ 0.05 - $ 0.30 per participant
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable

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