What really matters.

Choosing a new timing solution requires careful consideration and thorough research.

We know that some providers may overpromise to win your business. However, we stand by our commitment to fairness, one of our core company values.

We focus on our true strengths, ensuring transparency and reliability in all our offerings. Below, we highlight key facts about our solutions and our company. Feel free to contact us for more details.


  • Only decoder on the market that times active and passive transponders
  • Small weight and form factor for easy travelling and storage - 3.6 kg with 1 battery / 4.2 kg with 2 batteries
  • Hot-swappable batteries for up to 32  hours battery on active technology (2 batteries)
  • 12h hours battery runtime on a typical road race setup with passive technology (2 batteries)
  • Up to 60 m loop cable length for active timing
  • Communication protocols publicly available for own integrations
  • Unparalleled in the industry

Ubidium Ground Antenna

  • Variable length from 1.5 m to 23 m (2–30 elements)
  • One UHF antenna per mat element (0.7 m)
  • Foldable - antennas & cables stay inside
  • Unparalleled in the industry

Accuracy Passive Technology (UHF)

  • 0.2 s accuracy - the maximum UHF physically allows
  • More (0.1 s) is technically not possible with UHF!

Accuracy Active Technology

  • Timing accuracy of 0.004 s - true, reliable and repeatable. This translates to 6.7 cm at 60 km/h.
  • Timing resolution of 0.001 s with Ubidium. Keep in mind: the resolution has nothing to do with transponder accuracy!

Track Box Passive

  • Patented, hands-free solution for split points to avoid manual scanning of athletes
  • Specifically developed for sports timing by our engineers
  • Unparalleled in the industry

Track Box Active

  • Receiving detections from active transponders for live maps and splits
  • Small form factor with easy installation; no loop cable needed
  • Unparalleled in the industry

Loop Box

  • Stores detections on active transponders or sends them wirelessly to a close-by system. Small, effective, cost-saving.
  • Unparalleled in the industry

Handheld devices

  • BLE reader for manual detection of passive transponders

Passive Transponders

  • Different versions available (on roll, MTB plate, seatpost sticker, triathlon ankle band,...)
  • Reusable versions available (HuTag, TransponderCard)
  • Specifically engineered UHF tags, optimized and tested for sports timing in our own EMI/EMC chamber
  • Only 1.5 mm foam spacer means easy transportation and more comfort for athletes

Active Transponders

  • No subscription models - no renewal costs - no activation fees
  • Different versions tailored to different application scenarios
  • Store Mode possibility: Save split times on the transponder using the Loop Box
  • Tracking Mode possibility: Use tracking functions with the Track Box Active
  • 5 years guaranteed battery life


  • All hardware & software prices available on our website
  • Discounts for customers with large order quantities and larger hardware investments

Bib Production

  • Depending customer's needs: Bibs with transponders ready-attached, bibs only or transponders only
  • Custom formats, layouts and personalization
  • In-house production of more than 12,000,000 bibs per year

Software RACE RESULT 12

  • All-in-one: Online registration, payment processing, event timing, live results, certificates and live data export
  • Browser-based software with worldwide accessibility, without any installation
  • Free-of-charge offline version with full functionality
  • Easy and flexible usage, without complicated formulas
  • Publishing events on my.raceresult.com platform
  • Exporter functionality to use 3rd party software


  • Global support through employees, distributors, resellers - including 24 hour response promise on contact requests per email
  • Global 24/7 emergency hotline in different languages
  • Knowledge Base with detailed hardware & software documentation
  • Online training platform, Facebook Group with collaborative support among timers worldwide, on-site support upon request


  • We develop and produce a maximum of our products in-house
  • Industry-driving innovations instead of relabled third-party products
  • 100% employee-owned and above-average equity ratio to ensure commitment, dedication and long term focus
  • No dependence on investors and external funding sources

Product releases (so far)​​​​​​

  • First Passive System
  • 2014: Active system + transponders
  • 2015: Original Foldable Ground Antenna
  • 2017: Track Box Active
  • 2018: Custom RACE RESULT Passive Transponder
  • 2019: Decoder 5000s, Chip2Go
  • 2020: Track Box Passive
  • 2022: Apps: Aurora and EventTools
  • 2023: Ubidium and V3 Transponders
  • 2024: Ubidium Ground Antenna

And please always ask yourself:

  • Am I using the most modern technology available?
  • Which features do I need?
  • Is the supplier interested in a long-term, sustainable partnership?
  • Can I grow my business with the supplier?
  • What support can I expect after purchase?
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