With the introduction of our new timing system Ubidium, the Decoder 5000s with its Ground Antenna will be phased out.

Soon, we will offer as an active solution only Ubidium. The passive solution with the new ground antenna will also be switched to Ubidium by 2025.

Service and parts for the Decoder 5000s and its predecessors and ground antenna remain available for the foreseeable future.

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Decoder 5000S Series

The decoder is the heart of the RACE RESULT timing systems. It receives the signals from the transponders, calculates the exact finish time and provides the data to the scoring software like RACE RESULT 12 in real time. The system runs independently from your computer and from power supply. The integrated 4G module allows worldwide mobile network connetion.

Internal battery: 8-10 h (passive) / 24 h (active)
Integrated 4G module
Precise, synchronized GPS time
2 Ehternet ports with internal switch
Easy setup and handling
Free online firmware update

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GPS Module

Your decoder can automatically connect to GPS after booting and get the precise GPS time. This ensures highest precision, especially when using several timing points.


The display has an integrated backlight and is easy to read in both, at night and in direct sunlight.

Network Interface

Connect your system with the RACE RESULT 11 software, update the firmware and adjust settings from your browser. Includes an internal switch.

External LTE Antenna Connector

You can use an external LTE Antenna (sold separately) to improve the connectivity in areas with poor cellular coverage. The Decoder LED indicates an active mobile connection.


The decoder has an internal lead acid battery of 15Ah capacity which will last about 8 hours with the passive antenna or 24 hours with the active loop. It can be charged while running.


Turn your decoder on and off, navigate through the decoder menue and start timing. LEDs indicate when timing mode is active, the battery is charged and external power is available.

USB port

Connect a USB stick to copy all detection files. This is a handy option when your decoder cannot be moved or accessed through the internet. Newer decoders also support WiFi dongle connection.


Blinks and gives an acoustic signal on each detection. You can also connect external speakers or headphones with 3.5mm jack. The internal beeper will then be turned off.

Cable way

To keep your decoder dry in rainy weather, you should close the lid and lead cables out here. Leave the lid slightly open in hot and dry weather.

Feature Port

Plug in your Active Extension to run the decoder in active timing mode. You can also connect other devices like start markers or light barriers.

12V Battery Connector

Connect a larger battery or a car (via the cigarette lighter) for longer times without another power supply. Use the 12V Battery Booster (sold separately) to first fully discharge external sources, before internal battery is used.

4G Module/ SIM Card Slot

Insert your own SIM card to connect the Decoder to a mobile network of your choice. The integrated 4G module then pushes all detections to the online storage. This is the easiest way to get live data from remote split points.

Power Supply

110-240V AC, 50/60Hz. The decoder comes with a power cable matching your country's sockets.


The integrated 8-port "Zebra FX9600 RFID Reader" was customized for RACE RESULT to fit the special needs of a timing system. It unfolds all its power in combination with our foldable ground antenna and RACE RESULT passive transponders.


The Decoder can be opened to upgrade the hardware, replace the battery or repair components. Always closely follow our instructions if you open the decoder and note that you will lose any further warranty.

Safety & conditions Decoder
Protection class with closed cover IP54
Safety norm EN60950
Regulatory conformity CE, RoHS, FCC
Relative humidity Max. 90%
Temperature range -20°C to 50°C
Weight 12.5 kg
Pack-size 36 x 26 x 45 cm
Power & battery Decoder
AC power supply 110 V-230 V
50-60 Hz (2 A fuse)
DC power supply 12 V-14 V
2 A (when battery full)
Battery flight safety 15 Ah (Pb)
IATA - A48 / A67
Charging time 4 h (switched off)
8 h (running)
Power consumption 30 W (battery full)
60 W (charging)
Battery life (passive) 8-10 h1)
Battery life (active) 24 h1)
1) Battery life can be reduced by usage of 4G/LTE (-10%), low temperature (-25% @ 0°C/32°F) and battery age
LTE/4G/3G/2G Module
29-Band 4G/LTE/3G/2G Module FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/ B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/ B19/B20/B26/B28
WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/
GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8
Antenna Internal
External SMA (optional)
SIM card Standard
Ports & features
Internal GPS uBlox 50 channel receiver, 30 seconds cold start
2 x LAN Dual 100 MBit / 10 MBit lan port. Auto crossover detection. Switched internally for loop through to next device.
USB Thumb drive for backup
Antenna ports 8 x BNC
Feature port Supplies 5V (500mA)
12V (500mA) output, start gun, photo sensor
Audio beep 3.5 mm headphone plug (mono)

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Foldable Ground Antenna

The iconic red foldable mat has become inherent part of hundreds of start and finish lines in sports competitions all over the world.
The setup can be done in a few seconds. This saves personnel and storage costs. Race organizers benefit from the quick installation of split points. Road closures can be significantly shorter if the technical infrastructure is set up and dismantled faster.

The setup can be done in a few seconds. This saves personnel and storage costs.
Race organizers benefit from the quick installation of split points.

Patented solution

Benefit from industry leading technology and a perspective for the coming years.

Easy setup in just a few seconds

Simply unfold the antenna and connect it to the Decoder

Easy to ship

The 4.8 meter antenna weighs 25.9 kg / 57 lbs and can be shipped via regular mail

Flat design

The height of only 2 cm ensures excellent safety for all kinds of events

Incredibly durable

The antenna can be passed over by cars or even trucks

German engineering inside

Application optimized antennas guarantee the best detection rates

6 m or 8 m Extension Kit

Two or six additional elements to extend the antenna to 6 m / 20 ft or 8.4 m / 26 ft

Weight Size
4.8 m antenna 25.3 kg
25.5 kg (incl. packaging)
Single element: 58 x 36.5 x 2 cm
Total: 465 x 36.5 x 2cm
Cable length: 110 cm
Pack size: 60 x 40 x 20 cm
6 m Extension Kit 6.2 kg 60 x 37 x 5 cm
8 m Extension Kit 18.6 kg 60 x 37 x 15 cm
Antenna height 2 cm
Antenna width 29 cm
Antenna & transponder (passive)
Transponder frequency 866 MHz (EU)
903-927 MHz (US)
920-925 MHz (AUS)
TX power up to 36 dBm EIRP radiated
and 30 dBm conducted
Track length 4.8 m
6 m or 8 m with Extension Kit
Read range1) 4m
Detection rate
Read rate
> 99.8%2)
> 3,000 chips/min
Maximum transponder speed3) 40 km/h
25 mph
Timing accuracy4) 200 ms
1) Transponders are detected multiple times while crossing the antenna. The detection with the highest signal strength – right above the antenna – is used for timing.
2) With transponders attached correctly.
3) Higher speeds are possible, detection rate may be lower.
4) Use GPS time to get most accurate results.

Active Extension

Using the Active Extension, your RACE RESULT Decoder supports the Active Transponders. Only a wire loop is needed as the antenna. It can be fixed on the ground using duct tape or attached to a mat. On race tracks, it can be installed in the channels designed for timing loops.

Connect the Active Extension to your Decoder and plug in a wire loop to time with Active Transpondes.
Active transponders ensure highest precision, accuracy and reliability for cycling, triathlons, inline, skiing or motor sports.

Unmatched precision up to 0.004 s
Detection height up to 2.5 m
2.4 GHz Wireless interface
Detects up to 250 transponders at once
Compatible with all RACE  RESULT active devices
3.5 mm jack audio output / impulse input
Switch for blink on repeated passings
2.4GHz RF & loop specification
Transponder 2.4 GHz channel frequencies main/ backup (worldwide compliance) 1: 2.480 MHz / 2.405 MHz
2: 2.405 MHz / 2.470 MHz
3: 2.425 MHz / 2.465 MHz
4: 2.475 MHz / 2.440 MHz
5: 2.415 MHz / 2.445 MHz
6: 2.460 MHz / 2.430 MHz
7: 2.435 MHz / 2.455 MHz
8: 2.450 MHz / 2.420 MHz
2.4 GHz TX power 17.5 dBm
Loop frequency & data 125 kHz
Data-Packet = Loop ID + channel
Packet rate: 150 Hz
OOK-modulation, manchester encoded, 16 bit anti-false-wakeup pattern
Loop cable & length 5 m - 25 m, >0,5 mm²
standard 4 mm banana plugs
Data cable 5 m (standard), 15 m, 20 m
Read range
25% loop power
100% loop power
60 cm (2 ft)
2.5 m (8 ft)
Detection rate
read rate
> 250 chips per second burst for 4 seconds
> 50 chips per second continuously
Internal data buffer 1,000 passings
Clock stability 24/1,000th second per day
0.28 ppm TCXO calibrated to rubidium frequency standard traceable to NIST
Forewarn data delay 100 ms (from entering the loop field)
Max Passing Data Delay 250 ms
(after loop center)
Repetitive Passing rate over loop 1 per second
Safety & Conditions Active Extension V2
Protection class with cable/antenna screwed on IP67
Safety norm EN60950
Regulatory conformity CE, RoHS, FCC
Temperature -30°C to 70°C
Dimensions / weight 27 x 66 x 117 mm / 190g

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High Gain Antenna

Perfect for special purposes like mass road cycling events. With high signal power these antennas provide long range and high precision. The passive transponder is usually put to the seatpost sticker participants have attached to their bike.
Please note: Using the High Gain UHF Antenna you need to comply to legal regulations and the correct setup is very important to achieve good results!

High Gain Antennas can currently only be connected to RACE RESULT Decoders, not to our new timing system Ubidium!

This antenna is used with passive timing technology, where the Foldable Ground Antenna with its 2 cm height is a serious obstacle for athletes. The passive transponder is usually put to the seatpost sticker participants have attached to their bike.
The correct setup is very important to achieve good results!

High signal power *
High precision
Ideal for mass participation road bike races
Connect several antennas to the same Decoder
Linearly polarized antenna

Only to be used with RACE RESULT Decoders. Currently no connectivity with Ubidium timing systems available. Please contact us for further questions!

* Warning: As this is a 13dBi High Gain antenna you will need to set your decoder power accordingly to comply with local regulations.

Features High Gain UHF Antenna
Frequency Range 865-868MHz (EU)
900-930MHz (US)
Gain 13dBi (min)
Polarization Linear (Vertical or Horizontal)
Dimensions (LxWxD) 450 x 450 x 36mm
Weight 3kg (max)
Connector N-Type female

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