Timing solution for
Speed Skating & Short Track

On ice rinks, the active solution is used, with Ubidium as your main timing system. It offers reliable detections with an accuracy of 0.004 s even at high speeds. Connect up to 7 Loop Boxes wirelessly to the main timing system and easily divide the course into up to 8 timed segments. The various finish lines on your ice rink can thus be covered without much effort. Thanks to the wireless connection of the Loop Boxes, you don't need any complex cabling and you can also add the boxes later or borrow them for individual events.

Event Reference

Centre de Glaces Intact Assurance

Quebec City, Kanada

The Center de Glaces Intact Assurance is a state-of-the-art speed skating center in Quebec, Canada. It has a 400m speed skating rink, two Olympic short track rinks and an ice hockey rink. Additionally, there is a 465 meter long three-lane running track around the speed skating rink. The RACE RESULT active system was integrated into the facility's data infrastructure and provides timing data from training runs and competitions. The participants wear ActivePro V2 transponders on their ankles.


Lay the loop under the ice. To do this, you can either attach the loop directly to the ground during the ice-free period or, better yet, lay an empty pipe there. For temporary solutions, you can melt or cut a groove in the ice and set the loop in there.
The easiest way to attach the ActivePro V3 transponder is with a Velcro strap on the athlete's ankle. For official competitions you can easily use 2 transponders - one on each ankle.
The easiest way to evaluate the laps in training is with TrackTiming. Alternatively, and recommended for official competitions, you use the RACE RESULT 12 software, where timing can easily be carried out using the "lap race" template.



The cutting-edge timing system designed for superior performance and versatility. Boasts exceptional weatherproofing, lightweight design, and up to 32 hours battery life. Data is transmitted in real-time through multiple options, including SIM, Ethernet, POE, or USB-C connections.

Loop Box

Easy and cost-effective way to collect splits times. At nearby timing points detections are repeated wirelessly to the main system. In case of remote timing points, the ActivePro Transponder saves the passing time and then transmits them when arriving at the finish. Integrated battery for 12-20 h.

ActivePro V3 Transponder


Velcro Strap

Used to attach the transponder to the ankle. Resuable and machine washable.

RACE RESULT 12 Software

The complete software for timing and managing of any kind of sports event. The intuitive user interface allows you to setup events without complicated formulas or calculations. Featuring registration, event timing, scoring, live results and various output options in one browser-based solution.

Pricing for the Complete Solution

rent buy  
RACE RESULT Ubidium n.a. $ 3,490 per system
RACE RESULT System 5000s, Active Extension $ 369 n.a. per system
Optional: Active Loop Box V2 $ 179 $ 2,390 per piece
RACE RESULT ActivePro V3 Transponder n.a. $ 44 - $ 72.50 per transponder
RACE RESULT ActivePro V2 Transponder $ 3.50 - $ 4.50 n.a. per transponder
Neoprene Velcro Strap (thick)
for the transponder
$ 1.20 per piece
Software RACE RESULT 12
including online registration
  $ 0.05 - $ 0.30 per participant
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable
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