In the age of merely 16, Sönke Petersen started the race|result project in 1999. Within short time, the race|result software became the most widely used solution in the German speaking countries.

In 2009, after his studies at KIT Karlsruhe, Harvard/MIT, and UB Barcelona, Sönke founded the company IT Sport Service GmbH with the aim to build a complete package around the timing software. Shortly after, the two co-founders Nikias Klohr and Thorsten Vogel joined and the three founded the race result AG.

Today, the company offers around the globe a complete race management and race timing solution for any type of active sports event. The race|result 11 software is still a major competitive advantage of the company, but the German engineering timing hardware creates most of the revenues.

Besides the 28 full-time and 12 part-time employees, the company has 9 distributors on three continents and a supervisory board with 3 members. While always being profitable, the company increased the customer base and turnover tenfold in the last 4 years and a total turnover of 10M Euro in 2017. In 2017, the 2000th timing system had been shipped.

100% of the shares are held by approx. 25 race|result employees what guarantees a happy, dedicated and stable workforce and very high customer satisfaction.

We are race|result!

Sönke Petersen

Nikias Klohr

Thorsten Vogel
(Head of IT)

Andreas Funck
(Head of Print)

Mateusz Zajac
(Head of Electronics Production)

Janine Gehrlein
(Head of HR)

Ugo Durand
(Head of Support)

Felix Schöppe
(Head of Operations)

Julia Sefner
(Customer Care, Accounting)

Franziska Alzuhn
(Customer Care, Creative Director)

Maria Laura Dichiara
(Customer Care, Arts)

Dariusz Piotrowski

Frederik Pach

Konstantin Gaiser
(Mechanical Engineering)

Anja Michaelis
(Digital Print)

Safak Antepüzümü
(Specialist Electronics Production)

Moritz Augsburger
(Electrical Engineering & IT)

Jennifer Plavsic
(Shipping and Customs Expert)

Giovanni Panessa

Gabriel Nelle
(Software Engineering)

Alexander Sarter

Lakshmi Mielke
(Customer Care, Arts)

Thorsten Griesbach
(International Sales Manager)

Hannes Krüger

Elliot Tabraham-Dowers
(Technical Support Specialist)

Manuel Fessler

Lars Späth
(International Sales Manager)

Anna Lepiarz
(Electronics Production)

Marco Wünschmann
(Development, Freelancer)

Patrik Theil
(Online Marketing)

Dominic Lipp
(Business Development)

Benjamin Kögel

Nils Gaumann

Marlon Mönch

Sayako Kodera

Clemens Herz

Yannick Roos

Nicolas Gieringer
(Software Engineering)

Katharina Siemens
(Engineering, Intern)

Worawit Uttamang
(Engineering, Intern)

The Distributors

Hanno Maier
(National Distributor Switzerland)

Aaron Clarke
(National Distributor Australia/New Zealand)

Mark Bockmann
(National Distributor USA)

Julia Bellamy
(race|result USA)

Mark Courtney
(race|result USA)

Gérald Chalamet
(National Distributor France)

Ib Stokkebye
(National Distributor Denmark)

David Jones
(National Distributor UK)

Andrew Lovatt
(National Distributor UK)

Jaroslav Štancel
(National Distributor SK)

The Race Timers

Andreas Mayr
(race|result Austria)

Jan Andersson
(race|result Germany)

Anett Andersson
(race|result Germany)

Christopher Bickmann
(race|result Germany)

Susan Radke
(race|result Germany)

Steffen Maurer
(race|result Germany)

Tobias Jomrich
(race|result Germany)

Timo Schindler
(race|result Germany)

Angelika Schräpfer
(race|result Germany)

David Schulz
(race|result Germany)

Steffen Herzog
(race|result Germany)

Fabian Rack
(race|result Germany)

Lucas Escoffier
(race|result France)

Simon Štancel
(race|result Slovakia)

The Supervisory Board

Dr. Jakob Karszt

Hanno Maier

Dr. Johannes Schmid