Join us at the
International Timers Conference 2019

Kick off the new year together with race|result timers from all over the world. Share your experiences and stay tuned to latest developments. We are pleased to invite you to the race|result International Timers Conference, which will be held on February 15-16 in Frankfurt, Germany.

You can test new products like Chip2Go. Engineers and support team members from race|result will speak about latest developments. Renowned timers will provide insight into their workflows. We'd also be glad to hear your questions, opinions and wishes about race|result products and services. 

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mika:timing now also relies on
race|result solutions

Two German market leaders start cooperating: The leading manufacturer of timing systems and the renowned provider of timing and event services will work together in the future. Starting in 2019, mika:timing will use race|result timing systems at numerous events.

mika:timing consistently pursues its successful strategy of always offering organizers and participants the best possible technology and the latest services.

"From more than 400 events every year, we know the individual challenges of each event. As one of the leading independent service providers, we want and can use the best timing technology for each event. We see a number of benefits in the race|result systems in the field of active and UHF transponder technology, from which our customers and the participants of the sporting events can benefit."
Harald Mika, Managing Director of mika:timing

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Be flexible. Save Chips.

More freedom, less waste and lower prices: Chip2Go allows timekeepers to program their own race|result Passive Transponders. We have developed the first true application-specific chip machine for sports timing purposes.

Chip2Go is the perfect solution for short-term bib production, on-site registration and smaller events. Instead of throwing away spare Chip Race Numbers after an event, you can produce just the amount of Chip Race Numbers you really need on race day.

Pre-order your Chip2Go this year and take advantage of a discount! Chip2Go is now available in our Shop.

RAIN RFID Technology
race|result is part of global alliance

Developing the world’s most innovative timing systems, race|result engineers always need to stay ahead of the developments in the industry. Being part of a network helps to get in touch with technology partners, suppliers and masterminds from all over the world. RAIN is the global alliance for the wireless UHF RFID technology which is used in the race|result passive system and decoders. Tags, readers and software applications must be matched up during product development.

Nikias Klohr, Head of R&D at race|result, spoke at the “RAIN RFID Alliance – Europe Meeting” in Vienna in June. He explained how the company developed an application specific solution for RAIN RFID in sports timing.

Outside of sports timekeeping RAIN RFID technology is used to connect billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item.

He spoke again at the “RFID tomorrow” conference in Frankfurt a few weeks ago. One year before at the same event, the idea was born to create the first sport specific UHF RFID Transponder. Now Klohr could report on its development and the series production which started in September.

Turning point in German marathon
Munich timed with race|result

With the GENERALI Munich Marathon, race|result has taken over the second of the top 5 marathons in Germany. One week after the race in Cologne, Abavent used the race|result systems in the Bavarian capital for the first time. More than 20,000 runners had registered for the various contests.

It was the first big race in Germany using the new Passive Transponder. Attached to the back of the individual race number immediately after printing, this solution eliminates the error-prone handling of shoe transponders. For the organizers in Cologne and Munich, it meant considerably less organizational effort in the run-up to the race. It is also the most worry-free and cost-effective option for participants.

"More and more timekeepers and organizers are realizing that they have to keep up with the times. Race timing no longer means distributing truckloads of equipment on the track. One van, five employees - that's enough for events like Cologne or Munich. Our personalized chip race numbers can be shipped to any place in the world. They provide at least as good results as shoe transponders - and save a lot of stress for everyone involved!"  - Sönke Petersen, CEO race|result

22nd RheinEnergie Cologne Marathon
Successful premiere for race|result

It is one of the biggest marathons in Germany. Famous for the spectacular finish in the shadow of the cathedral and for the cheerful atmosphere along the track. More than 27,000 athletes took part in the RheinEnergie Cologne Marathon this year. For the first time the organizers decided to choose the complete solution of race|result products and services to ensure a smooth timekeeping process.

In cooperation with raceresult Timing BW GmbH, 18 passive systems were used at 16 timing points, each consisting of decoder and ground antenna. The recorded times were transmitted live to the race|result servers and displayed in the event app of the Cologne Marathon. Spectators were able to follow the intermediate times of each runner live.

For the first time, the participants of the Cologne marathon did not have to wear a separate transponder on their shoe. The timing chip was simply attached to the back of the pre-printed, personalized race number.

Online registration and scoring were processed through the race|result 11 software and integrated into the organizers' website. Once again, the timekeepers’ impression was confirmed: the complete race|result solution is always up to the challenge, even with tens of thousands of participants!

New Passive Transponder
Setting new standards

It's time for another game-changing evolution! Our new Passive Transponder is the only disposable RFID passive transponder on the market specifically designed for sports timekeeping. 

Wetness, sweat and body contact have no negative impact on transmission power or durability. Our transponder is optimised for use in sports environments. The foam spacer on the chip is now only half as thick, 1.5 mm. This will save you a lot of shipping costs when ordering Chip Race Numbers. 

Our measurements show: no other transponder on the market offers the same reliability and precision with a 1.5 mm foam spacer.

Find out more in our video and visit the Knowledge Base for technical details.

Stay connected!
With SIM Cards for your hardware

The race|result SIM Cards are specifically matched to our hardware to ensure the live transmission of timing data at all times. Our systems and Track Boxes configure the SIM Card by themselves and search for the strongest mobile network available. The SIM Cards can be used in (almost) whole Europe, without additional settings!

Find them in the race|result shop for rental. If you rent our Track Boxes, the SIMs are included of course.

Patrouille des Glaciers
Sky is the limit

With its 56 km course, 4,000 m climb and 16 timing points, most of them only accessible by helicopter, Patrouille des Glaciers is a massive challenge for the participants... and for timers!

race result Swiss was the official time keeper for the event for the second time in a row, supported by staff members from the German HQ, and from our French, American and Australian offices who came down after our Distributors Meeting.

This year's event was timed using 5,000 ActivePro transponders, 16 active systems and 40 Track Boxes, of course scored with race result 11. The 8 months long registration process also ran through, and the race packs were all printed and packed from the headquarters.

We are very proud to have been part of that adventure again, and thank the Swiss Army for their trust in our solution.

Expo Rome.

Around 100,000 visitors at the Expo of the Rome Marathon, the biggest running event in Italy and one of the most beautiful in the world! We are very satisfied of the result and we thank you all organizers and timers who spent some time with us at the booth. A special thanks to Franco and Luca for the delicious Italian products that they have given us!

Training Sessions 2018.
Headquarters Germany.

The English session at our Headquarters last weekend closed off the Training Sessions programme in Europe and in the USA. The Australian session will take place later in the year, at the end of the season in the Southern hemisphere.

Almost 200 timers attended one of our 8 sessions in 7 different countries so far. We thank everyone who attended and hope the contents of the session will help everyone make the most of our solution this season.

41st annual Gate River Run
15 km and 5 km

Over 15,000 athletes ran in the 41st annual Gate River Run 15 km and 5 km in Jacksonville, Florida on March 10, 2018. Doug Alred is the Race Director for the Gate River Run and owner of 1st Place Sports. He has been very happy with the performance of the race|result system and says: “The read rates are fantastic.”  His timing team relied on race|result not only for accurate finish results, but also for split times and to award the $1,000 prize for the fastest downhill mile from the top of Hart Bridge to the finish.

Running USA 2018.
Austin, Texas

Our race|result team was at Running USA Industry Conference in Austin, Texas. As every year, this conference is a great opportunity to connect with race directors, timing professionals and industry partners. We are excited about all the interest in our technology and look forward to a busy timing year ahead. If you missed us in Austin this year, we hope to see you in Puerto Rico at Running USA 2019.

Tracking y Cronometraje en un Chip

race|result está añadiendo una función de tracking a sus transpondedores activos. Para la primera vez es posible seguir todos participantes de un evento – en vivo y sin un dispositivo adicional de tracking.

Esto genera una experiencia totalmente nueva, en vivo e interactivo, especialmente para aficionados, relativos del atleta o la prensa.

La solución de tracking de race|result será disponible en la segunda mitad de 2017.

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The Rock‘n’Roll Marathon Series
use the race|result solution

Sportstats, the timing company for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series, is proud to announce its commitment to using race|result bib numbers and timing technology at all US Rock ‘n’ Roll events over the next three years.

Marc Roy, founder and CEO of Sportstats, says: “race|result offers the easiest and most streamlined process for custom bibs with tags. We use personalized bibs with runners' names at all Rock ‘n’ Roll races, so fast turn-around is crucial. The automated process race|result uses to encode and place tags on bibs saves us a lot of time and reduces stress leading up to the race. On race day, the quick set up of the foldable mats with race|result systems is another big time saver for us.”

This past weekend, over 21,000 registered runners competed in Tempe Arizona. To see a short clip about how the race|result timing transponders were programmed and made their way onto the custom bib numbers, click here. Arizona was the first event in the 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series. The event included distances for everyone: marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k as well as a 1 mile and a KiDS ROCK event. The Sportstats timing team used 23 race|result systems on course and streamed live results data through

race|result USA
1,000,000th Tag for US Timer

The team at race|result USA has reached a new milestone with tag production. The printer, which was nicknamed the “Print Monster USA 1”, has been running non-stop at Mark Courtney’s office for 475 days. On January 9, 2018, it printed the 1,000,000th race|result tag for US timers. With the rapid growth we’re experiencing in the US market, we expect to reach the 2 million mark by the end of the year. Note that these numbers are only tags on a roll printed in the US and do not include tags on bib numbers or any tag orders printed at our headquarters in Germany for the US market. Congrats to Mark and thank you for all the hard work in getting these tag orders out!

MYLAPS and race|result
reach agreement in patent dispute

MYLAPS CEO, Camiel Slaats, and race|result CEO, Sönke Petersen, met early December in Germany in an effort to peacefully resolve their companies’ patent dispute surrounding their timing hardware technologies.

Please see for details.

We pack everything
Our new packing service

In this holiday season, we have a present for you. You can now order custom printed envelopes from our shop, and use our packing service to receive your race packs ready to go. Through this service, we hope to make your work a little easier still. We are looking forward to your first orders.

Find outmore in our online shop.

Triatlón 2017
Sistemas race|result en acción durante triatlones élites

Este año se usó exitosamente nuestra tecnología en los triatlones más prestigiosos de Europa.
Durante los ETU Kitzbühel Triathlon European Championships (junio 15-18) y el Grand Prix de Valence (julio 1-2) los atletas profesionales pudieron confiar completamente en nuestra tecnología de alta calidad.

Ambos eventos fueron cronometrados con nuestro sistema activo. Aprenda más aquí.

Dos eventos gigantes en una semana.
¡El éxito de race|result en América sigue creciendo!

Durante el Mercedes Benz Corporate Run (Epic Sports Marketing) en Florida y el Vancouver Sun Run (Sportstats West) en Canadá, se usó nuestros race|result equipos para cronometrar en conjunto a más de 60,000 participantes con una cuota de detección de 99.9%.

Anre Yelle (Sportstats West): “The switch to race|result has allowed us to make so many improvements in how we time this event. With the red mats and upgraded decoders, even with road closure delays, we had no worries about getting everything set up on time. […] Thank you to you and your team for the constant innovation!”

Sede principal de race|result

Después de 2 años de planificación y construcción nos mudamos en nuestra nueva sede principal. Un hito gigante y el comienzo de nuevo capítulo para nosotros.

race|result cronometra todo!
Descubre lo que piensan nuestros clientes

Preguntamos a nuestros cronometradores e organizadores de eventos una pregunta simple: ¿Qué es lo que hace race|result la solución perfecta para el cronometraje electrónico en eventos deportivos? – Encuentra lo que dicen sobre su experiencia con race|result.

Carreras de calle, natación, ciclismo, triatlón, carreras de obstáculos… el sistema race|result cronometra todo.

Herramientas profesionales para el

race|result proporciona ambos; el software y hardware más flexible y fiable de cronometraje para cualquier tipo de deporte de resistencia, y además la infraestructura para cronometrar hasta el evento más grande del mundo.

Somos un socio leal a su lado y le ayudaremos a crecer y a sacar el máximo partido de ello.

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La solución adecuada para

race|result es la solución completa para que usted mismo pueda cronometrar su competición:
sistema de cronometraje de chip (a alquilar), software para clasificación, dorsales, registro online, y mucho más.

Cientos de eventos son satisfactoriamente cronometrados de esta manera cada año. Usted también puede hacerlo.

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