Para consultas de asistencia por favor contáctenos via email citando su número de cliente:

Leemos nuestros emails 24/7! Es la mejor manera de contactarnos con poca antelación.


Si necesita más información o asesoramiento, por favor contacte:
Tel. : +49 (721) 961 409 01

Questions regarding an event

For questions regarding a particular event, please contact the organiser or the timer directly. You will generally find their contact details in the footer of the event page on Registration receipts are exclusively issued by the organiser.

For inquiries regarding our payment processing service, you can contact us at:

24/7 Emergency number

In case you encounter an issue that needs urgent support, you can reach us at any time using our emergency number. Please only use this number in absolute emergencies, when you need a solution within an hour. If that is not the case, then please write us an email using the support address above.

Conditions of use :
For true emergencies, we offer this service for free. However, if we consider that your inquiry results from insufficient self-training and preparation on your side, we may charge you as follows:  Monday-Friday 2.90 EUR per minute, Saturday-Sunday 11 am - 6 pm (German time) 3.90 EUR/Min., Saturday-Sunday 6pm - 11 am 4.90 EUR/Min. Prices excl. VAT but incl. call-forwarding, also abroad. You only pay the normal fee for a call on our landline.

To help us address your issue as quick as possible, please prepare your customer ID, and any other relevant information (event ID, etc.).