Transponder Assisted Visitor Information

TAVI enables the effective implementation of visitor flow measurements, contact tracing and capacity recording.

By using UHF transponder technology, it anonymously records visitors and customers in facilities or at events, separated according to defined rooms or areas.

Contact Tracing

Recognize simultaneous presence of visitors in predefined areas / rooms

Crowd Management

Automatic admission stop with a specified maximum number of visitors in different locations

Visitor Flow Analysis

Counting visitors anonymously in different areas and determine their length of stay

  • Is installed at critical points
  • Registers which transponders are within range at what time
  • Sends the data to a secure server via the cellular network
  • Runs autonomously on batteries and mains power
  • Is distributed to visitors and staff
  • Can be worn as a sticker (e.g. on tickets) or lanyard
  • Sends an anonymous code via radio technology that is received by the Track Box
  • Is featherlight and only 1.5mm thick
  • Saves the collected data of the Track Boxes with date and time
  • Calculates on demand which transponders “met“ near a Track Boxes in a certain period of time
  • Allows a variety of different evaluations and visualizations
  • Data processing remains completely anonymous on the platform


Track Boxes are positioned at key locations such as conference rooms, expo booths or highly frequented areas. Every visitor and staff member wears a featherlight transponder that is automatically detected by the boxes.

Entrances and exits are ideal for recording visitors. The more locations that are equipped with a Track Box, the more precisely movements and whereabouts can be traced.

Transponders are detected up to ten meters away, if there is a direct line of sight. Walls, doors, etc. form a natural barrier for the UHF signal.

No relying on smartphone apps & Bluetooth

Independent of GPS reception and battery life

Low-priced, contactless transponders

Live data visualization

Fast, uncomplicated, wireless installation

Own Germany based servers

Tailored Solution

TAVI offers a great variety of different application scenarios and can be individually adapted to your needs.
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Contact Tracing at Sports Events

Switzerland Marathon Light

TAVI for Conventions & Exhibitions

TAVI for Companies & Facilities


TAVI for Schools & Universities


Corona Tracing for Care Homes


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