The Swiss Economic Forum is Switzerland's leading business conference. With around 1,000 participants and employees, the SEF was the largest event nationwide since the introduction of the covid-19 restrictions.

TAVI was used to implement a contact tracing system and to monitor the spread of participants across the various venues. The event was only approved by the authorities through this additional element in the safety concept.

A particular advantage of this solution: In the event of an infection, many participants could definitely be ruled out as contact persons.

"Thanks to the visitor flow measurement with RACE RESULT, we were able to subsequently reconstruct the movement pattern of the infected person after being tested positive. In this way, the number of people who were exposed to the real risk of possibly being infected could be reduced to a minimum."

Lorenz Scheibli, Head of Operations Swiss Economic Forum

Track Boxes positioned at entrance/ exit and inside the room. In blue: approximate detection range

Track Boxes in the lobby, mounted via integrated magnets

Track Box on tripod inside meeting room

Track Box above the door, monitoring who leaves the room


The monitoring of guests and employees is already integrated into the safety concept of the event during the planning phase.
The positioning of the Track Boxes is planned based on a floor plan. A track box is provided for each entrance and exit of an area.

During the event, each participant and employee wears a badge with an RFID transponder attached to its back. This transponder sends an anonymous code as soon as it is within range of a Track Box. The box transmits this data to the TAVI platform via the cellular network.

The organizer assigns the transponder codes (e.g. 1234) to the respective participant in an internal database (e.g. Excel). This database remains with the organizer and are not connected to the TAVI platform.

Badge distribution

Badge distribution

Transponder attached to the back of the badge

RACE RESULT Passive Transponder on roll

The participants can move around the event without restrictions.
The system works without any contact from individual users. All they have to do is wear their badge with transponder.

Live-overview of location capacities

TAVI platform: Location overview with maximum and live capacity

Checking detection range of the Track Box


The organizer uses the TAVI platform to monitor how many people are in an area. If the maximum permissible capacity is exceeded, the system indicates this.

In case of infection

Should any participants / employees test positive afterwards, their contacts can be traced via the TAVI platform.

The data analysis can be broken down into different priorities. A short stay together in the spacious lobby may be less critical than a long meeting in a small conference room.

TAVI platform: Event history for Transponder-ID 1234

TAVI platform: Contact list with durations for Transponder-ID 1234

Contacts can be ruled out with TAVI.
The system analyzes who transponder 1234 has not met with. For these people, further measures such as covid-19 tests or precautionary quarantine are not required.

Valuable data

It is now up to the organizer to link the anonymous transponder codes of possible critical contacts with names / contact information and, if necessary, to pass this data on to health authorities.