The Next Generation.

All you have desired a timing system to be like.
And even more.

First Class

Ubidium can be operated in any weather condition. Display and buttons are always visible and accessible. The control unit does not need to be protected by a lid.

Solid & Lightweight

The completely new form factor guarantees maximum flexibility. With two batteries inserted, it weighs only ~ 4.1 kg. The connections on the front and back allow easy operation.

Power Management

Insert one or two batteries and hot swap them while switched on. In active timing mode, you can reach over 30 hours of runtime! Ubidium can also be powered via USB-C, POE, DC or even solar panel.

Enhanced Active Timing

Directly plug your active timing loop into Ubidium. No more extensions required. Build timing lines with widths of up to 30 meters* and with 100% loop power. Ubidium fits seamlessly into the existing RACE RESULT active system architecture, supporting functionalities like stored passings and repeat mode.
* depending on regulatory region

Revolutionary Ground Antenna Concept

The new foldable ground antenna connects with a single plug - and you’re ready to go. Each antenna element now contains its own UHF element, enabling antenna lengths of 23 m with one single system and 6 hours battery runtime.

Learn more →

Unparalleled Connectivity

Ubidium has GPS and 4G on-board. 3 Ethernet ports provide extended networking capabilities, internal switching to connect multiple devices. You can even power them over POE using the internal Ubidium battery. Internal and external SIMs allow for data transmission backup and, if necessary, remote support access to the device. Ubidium can connect directly to your PC via USB-C. It also offers Wi-Fi, USB-A, DC Power In, trigger input/output and the connection of an external 4G antenna.

Resistant in All Conditions

Ubidium ensures optimal performance in all weather conditions. A heating element keeps the device above freezing point, ensuring optimal battery performance. An integrated fan will cool the system down if necessary and blows moisture out if the integrated humidity sensor indicates a condensing risk.
The front lid covers the connectors and effectively protects the system from rain and splashing water.

Exceptional LCD Display

We have paid particular attention to the readability and usability of the display. The 6.2’ screen in combination with the always visible LEDs and large buttons, makes it easy to maintain an overview of all relevant timing data and functions. The display is even readable in extreme temperatures.

Stacked Operation & Charging

With all ports accessible from the front, multiple systems can be stacked and charged at the same time. The LCD on the battery shows the charging level at any time.


When will Ubidium be available as an active system? We aim for the middle of this year (2023), but we heavily depend on suppliers and the delivery of components. 
When will the new Foldable Ground Antenna be available? Beginning of 2024, more details to follow in due course.
How long will the Decoder 5000s & the old Foldable Ground Antenna still be available? We expect it to phase out by the end of the year, but in general we can build it as long as we have the components to build them.
Can I rent Ubidium? You will be able to rent an Ubidium for Active Usage from 2024. Depending on the release date of the new foldable Ground Antenna we will decide when we start renting the Passive solution of Ubidium.
Can I order a test system? We have a few systems for tests. If you wish to receive a test system, please reach out to us to discuss details.
Can I use my existing ground and side antenna with Ubidium? As of now, it is not possible. But we are looking into a solution to use your side antennas in the long run.
Can I buy passive mats shorter than 4.6 meters? Yes, we will offer the mats in pairs of two, initially planned as extension. However, you will need to buy the Y-Adaptor separately. When buying a 4.6 meter antenna, the Y-Adaptor will be included already.
Does the new system read HuTags / old transponders? Yes.
Can I use my current equipment with Ubidium? It depends on the equipment:
- Loop Boxes will still repeat to Ubidium
- Active Extensions can be connected to Ubidium - but with a different cable.
- The Ground Antenna will not be compatible.
- High Gain Antenna / Side antennas are not supported right now, but we are looking for a solution.
What material is the new ground antenna made of? The same material as the current ground antenna.
Can we still cross with cars/trucks over the ground antenna? Yes.
Will we continue with new firmware updates on the 5000s? We won't release firmware updates for the 5000S, unless they are critical and fix severe bugs.

Technical Specifications

Weight ~4.1 kg with two batteries (each 450 g)
~3.2 kg without batteries
Dimensions 30 x 25 x 13 cm /
1 x 0.8 x 0.4 ft
IP Rating Lid open: IP21
(objects > 4 mm, dropping water)
Lid closed: IP44
(objects > 1 mm, spray water from all sides)
Temperature range -20 °C – 40 °C (50 °C in shade) /
-4 °F – 104 °F (122 °F in shade)
WiFi WiFi 802.11ac/a/b/g/n
2G/3G/4G Internal antenna + external SMA
GNSS receiver GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo
3 x Ethernet Internal GBit, external 100 MBit/s
Trigger Input or output, 3 – 12 V, Open Collector
USB2.0 1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C
Power Connectors & Ratings
AC 100 – 240 V / 47 – 60 Hz 120 W
DC In battery 11 – 15 V / 5 A 75 W
DC Out 11 – 16.8 V (fused 2.4 A) 25 W @ 11 V (empty battery)
40 W @ 16.8 V (full battery and AC)
USB-C PD PD supply min. 27 W (15/20 V up to 3 A) 60 W
PoE-In 802.3 bt up to 73 W
PoE-Out (low power) 802.3 af 15.4 W Out, battery supplied
PoE-Out (high power) 802.3 at 30 W Out, only with external power
Battery & Power (preliminary!)
All including 4G 1 battery 2 batteries Power consumption*
Battery life active (50 % loop power) 16 h 32 h 6 W
Battery life passive (4.6 m antenna) 6 h 12h 13.4 W
Battery life passive (7.7 m antenna) 5 h 10 h 19 W
Battery life passive (15.4 m antenna) 4 h 8 h 22.6 W
Battery life passive (23 m antenna) 3 h 6 h 31.4 W
Power performance may be reduced above 25 °C (77 °F) / in strong sunlight.
Heating element keeps system above freezing point for battery charging.
* not charging, mobile data and 4G active, no Ethernet


Ubidium Product Brochure

Learn more about the features and technical details of Ubidium and get insights into the development process.

Ubidium Foldable Ground Antenna

The UHF floor mat is a standalone extension to Ubidium. It is powered by the system and sends detection data directly into the system. Each mat segment holds its own UHF antenna and reader.

Plug and Go

The mat connects directly to Ubidium with a single connector, no additional device required. For reliability, two independent, robust cables lead to the first antenna segment and form two separate strings throughout the whole mat.

Improved Shaping, Less Weight

The new design gives the mat and even better profile on the road and flatter edges allow for a more comfortable ride. At 77 cm, the segments are longer than before, in the standard 4.6 meter configuration (6 segments), the mat weight is just 21 kg, 20% less than our previous ground antenna.

Up to 23 m Mat Length

As you are not limited by the 8 ports of conventional UHF readers you can now create up to 23 m long timing mats. Each mat segment contains its own integrated reader and antenna, specifically designed by RACE RESULT for sports timing purposes. It requires less power than standard UHF readers, therefore increasing system battery life. It also allows synchronized reading with multiple elements at the same time, significantly increasing read rates and timing precision.

Interleaving Connection

Every reader element is connected to the reader 2 mats earlier, creating two separate data lines in an A-B-A-B scheme. A defective element does not block later segments from functioning, and even if one complete strand should fail, timing remains functional.

Easy Length Adaption

You only need to open one antenna segment on either side of the joint to split the mat. The cables for each segment can stay inside the mat at any time using the inner storage channel. The mat can be extended/shortened by pairs of two segments, resulting in widths between 1.5 m (2 segments) and 23 m (30 segments).

Technical Specifications

Single Antenna Segment
Dimensions 77 x 35 x 2 cm /
2.5 x 1.1 x 0.07 ft
Weight 3.5 kg
IP Rating IP56
(shortly submerging won't destroy)
Typical Configurations
"Ubidium Ground Antenna"
Standard configuration
6 segments 4.6 m /
15 ft
21 kg
"Ubidium Ground Antenna Extension"
Shortest possible configuration
2 segments 1.5 m /
5 ft
7 kg
Standard + 2 Extensions 10 segments 7.7 m /
25 ft
35 kg
Maximum possible length
Standard + 12 Extensions
30 segments 23 m /
75.5 ft
105 kg

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