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Timing: Elite Triathlon

Our Active System is used for numerous Long Distance Triathlons and World Triathlon Series races.
It provides 100% detection rates, highest precision and waterproofness of the transponder.
Installing Loop Boxes and Track Boxes around the course enables you to set up a large number of splits without additional decoders.


Two LoopBoxes are placed at the entrance and exit of the transition area to record all split times, including transitions.
All split detections are repeated wirelessly to the Active Extension recording the finish times. Live results are published online, grouping participants by their last split, to enable the public to follow their athlete.

The System at the start could be replaced with a USB Timing Box.

In RACE RESULT 12 use the "Triathlon" template, which offers you an additional swim check, the transition and the finish timing points.



Active Extension

Loop Box

ActivePro V2 Transponder

Velcro Strap

Bib & Stickers Set

Race Number Belt


  Rent Buy  
Decoder + Active Extension $ 329 $ 3999 per system
2x Loop Box
(for the transition zone)
2x $ 169 2x $ 2299 per system
ActivePro Transponder $ 3.00 - $ 4.00 $ 32 - $ 65 per transponder
Neoprene Velcro Straps
(to attach the transponder)
$ 1.10 per unit
Triathlon Multi-Sheet
including bib, seatpost sticker, transition bag stickers, ...
$ 0.77 per sheet
Race Number Belt
to attach the bib number
$ 7.36 per piece
Software RACE RESULT 12
including online registration
$ 0.05 - $ 0.20 per participant
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable

Pricing for the Complete Solution

►❙❙ Active Triathlon

This Triathlon race is timed with RACE RESULT active technology. Track Boxes along the course provide live data for additional splits.