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TrackTiming (beta)

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TrackTiming offers the simplest timing solution for lap timing and training on curcuits. The box has integrated software and a Wi-Fi interface allowing participants to register and retrieve live results using their own smartphone. TrackTiming is designed for events and trainings where scoring relies on the fastest lap time and where individual lap times matter.


The TrackTiming box ist set up at the start/finish line and connected to the loop cable. The operator can access the implemented timing software via Wi-Fi. Event details and participant data are managed in the browser of a laptop/tablet.

Participants register with their smartphones in the same Wi-Fi. They get an ActivePro Transponder attached to their bike and start racing. Especially the assignment and reassignment of transponders is simple in the TrackTiming software.

Participants and spectators can check overall and individual results on their smartphone. The same way, results can be presented on Smart-TVs.


See how TrackTiming is set up and handled during the event.

Ready to go!

TrackTiming includes all equipment you need for your event:

  • TrackTiming Box
  • Active transponders
  • Active transponder holders
  • 12V power supply
  • Loop cable
  • Banana plugs