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Tracking and timing with one chip

The RACE RESULT Active System turns tracking upside down. The tracking feature built in the RACE RESULT Active Transponders takes a new approach to tracking, offering major improvements compared to traditional tracking solutions.

  • No additional device
    No need to carry a bulky GPS tracker or a smartphone, all the athletes need is the exact same timing chip that they would be wearing anyway.
  • Less infrastructure
    You only need SIM cards for the Track Boxes, not for each participant. You can then easily track thousands of participants without overloading the cell network.
  • More timing data
    The tracking data collected is much more precise than with any other solution. You can use it to publish an unprecedented number of splits.

How it works

Our tracking solution requires three components:

Management Box
The Management Box activates tracking on the transponders before the start.
Active Pro V2 transponder
When tracking is activated, the transponder emits a trackping every second
Note: the Active Pro is simply a timing chip, it does not have any GPS component.
Track Box
The Track Box collects trackpings from transponders in a radius of 50 m.
Thanks to its built-in GPS and 4G/LTE modules, it transmits its position and the position of the transponders around to the server.

The data collected by the Track Box can then be used for tracking visualisation, and for timing at relevant locations.

What you can achieve

The RACE RESULT tracking solution was successfuly used on the Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon, one of the toughest endurance events on the planet.

Thanks to the Track Box, the 3-strong timing crew was able to cover 25 timing points, spread on a 200 km point-to-point course.

This video shows how the timing and tracking equipment was set up.

You can also:

All round a sophisticated system

The battery life of the active transponder lasts for over 1,000 hours of tracking - that's enough for 100 Ironman events.

The magnets built in the Track Box allow you to mount it very easily on any metal sign along the course (or on moving vehicles).

You can also stack up all your Track Boxes to turn them all on or off and charge them all at once.

Pricing for the Complete Solution

Rent Buy  
RACE RESULT ActivePro V2 Transponder
$ 3.50 - $ 4.50 $ 38.50 - $ 71.50 per piece
Track Box Active 4G (10 boxes)
$ 0.00 $ 5699 per case with 10 boxes
Active Management Box
$ 179 $ 1050 per piece
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable
Rental option for Track Boxes only available in selected regions

Software partners

To publish tracking visualisation, you can work with one of the following software partners:

Own tracking software solution

Are you developing your own tracking software solution? Our communication protocol is totally open, you access it in our Knowledge Base.
Feel free to contact us any time with questions or suggestions.

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