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Semi-Permanent Timing Installations

Combining virtual events with real race feeling

Offer your participants the possibility to race on a real course with official timing, without setting up an event that breaks COVID restrictions. Installing timing points for several days or weeks is the key factor here.

This solution benefits both, events and athletes:

  • Staying connected to athletes
    Being forced to cancel an event again carries the risk of being forgotten by participants, volunteers and sponsors. With this solution, there is something to sign up for and talk about!
  • Offering real race feeling
    Participants can race any time and as often as they want. Offical ranks and results are published online. As everybody takes the same route, results are truly compareable. Depending on local regulations, even groups of athletes could meet for their own race.
  • Visibility for sponsors
    With a bib being provided to all participants, sponsors can present themselves and distribute advertising material with the race package.


The RACE RESULT Track Box Passive is set up at the start/finish line and optionally at split points. It reads all bib transponders in range and sends the data with date, time and location to your RACE RESULT 12 event file.
Ideally, the bib transponders should appear within a range of four meters. A detection needs a direct line of sight!
The Track Boxes have enough battery for 12-18 hours and can also be powered by solar panel or external power source. After setup, the whole solution works autonomously.

Need Advice on Setup?

Case Study

Salzkammergut-Trophy 2020

The Track Box Passive was used to install a semi-permanent MTB race course. Participants did their own race within three months.

The case study explains how the Track Boxes were installed, how the timing software is set up and how the handling of race numbers can be organized.

Pricing for the Complete Solution

RACE RESULT Track Box Passive Set
$ 3099 per case with 2 boxes
Bib with Transponder (duo) $ 1.61 per race number
RACE RESULT Safety Pins, 1000 count
to attach the bib number
$ 7.51 per 1000 units
Software RACE RESULT 12
including online registration
$ 0.05 - $ 0.20 per participant
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable
Track Box Passive :: How To
Track Box Passive :: Introduction
Track Box Passive :: Technical Details

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