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Road Race

For a road race, the passive system with disposable transponders on the back of the bib is the perfect solution. If start and finish are at the same place, chip times can be taken. Otherwise you will record gun times (don't worry, a few hundred participants cross the start line within a few seconds anyway). Alternatively, you can also rent a second system for the start.


For a small race, one single Passive System is absolutely sufficient. Set it up at the finish line and connect it to a laptop to receive all finish times automatically and in real time without any additional effort.
In RACE RESULT 12, use the template "Standard Event". This template is the perfect starting point and may already bring all you need.



Ground Antenna

Bibs with Transponder

Saftey Pins


  Rent Buy  
Decoder + 4.8m Ground Antenna
$ 329 $ 4999 per system
Race Number with Transponder $ 1.52 per race number
Safety Pins
to attach the bib number
$ 5.99 per 1000 units
Software RACE RESULT 12
including online registration
$ 0.05 - $ 0.20 per participant
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable

Pricing for the Complete Solution

►❙❙ Marseille-Cassis

20,000 runners on a legendary 20 km course. The race was timed with RACE RESULT passive systems and software.