Turning point in German marathon

Munich timed with RACE RESULT

With the GENERALI Munich Marathon, RACE RESULT has taken over the second of the top 5 marathons in Germany. One week after the race in Cologne, Abavent used the RACE RESULT systems in the Bavarian capital for the first time. More than 20,000 runners had registered for the various contests.

It was the first big race in Germany using the new Passive Transponder. Attached to the back of the individual race number immediately after printing, this solution eliminates the error-prone handling of shoe transponders. For the organizers in Cologne and Munich, it meant considerably less organizational effort in the run-up to the race. It is also the most worry-free and cost-effective option for participants.

"More and more timekeepers and organizers are realizing that they have to keep up with the times. Race timing no longer means distributing truckloads of equipment on the track. One van, five employees - that's enough for events like Cologne or Munich. Our personalized chip race numbers can be shipped to any place in the world. They provide at least as good results as shoe transponders - and save a lot of stress for everyone involved!"  - Sönke Petersen, CEO RACE RESULT

© race result AG  10/15/2018

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