race|result 11

With race|result 11 you usually work over the Internet before and after the event. You only need to download the software when you are working offline without Internet during the day of the event.

Please read the race|result 11 Introduction to get to know the way you work with race|result.
Program Version Date File Size
race|result download race|result 11 V. 11.3.102 2017-11-24 53.9 MB

race|result 11: History of Modifications

Tag Reader Keyboard

The Tag Reader Keyboard emulates a keyboard when using the race|result Tag Reader/USB Timing Box, for example for result kiosks. Additionally, it is used to update the firmware of the active devices.
Program Version Date File Size
Tag Keyboard Reader herunterladen Tag Reader Keyboard V. 2.5.3 2017-05-06 6,2 MB

race|result Connector

The race|result Connector creates a connection between the race|result System and some third-party timing software. When using race|result 11, you do not need it.
Program Version Date File Size
race|result Connector Download race|result Connector V. 1.1.17 2017-08-17 15.1 MB

race|result Connector: History of Modifications