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Timing: Open Triathlon

For mass participation triathlons, the passive system is a cost effective alternative. Athletes wear a HuTag at the ankle. This transponder is waterproof, reusable and offers a accuracy of 0.2 seconds. Still, water affects the detection quality. This needs to be considered during the hardware setup.


The HuTag needs to be worn on the ankle - above the swim suit! In our example here, all participants start from the beach. The timing system at the start is used to check who is currently in the water.
For the system on swim exit, make sure to keep away from water. Ideally, athletes need to run a few meters before passing the ground antenna. This helps to dry off the HuTag and improve read rates.
Please note you cannot use a 6m- or 8.4m-Extension with HuTags.

In RACE RESULT 12 use the "Triathlon" template, which offers you exactly these timing points and all necessary results.



Ground Antenna


Velcro Strap

Bib & Stickers Set

Race Number Belt


  Rent Buy  
Decoder + 4.8m Ground Antenna
290 EUR 3990 EUR per system
HuTag 6.79 EUR per transponder
Neoprene Velcro Straps
(to attach the transponder)
0.99 EUR per unit
Triathlon Multi-Sheet
including bib, seatpost sticker, transition bag stickers, ...
0.77 EUR per sheet
Race Number Belt
to attach the bib number
5.45 EUR per piece
Software RACE RESULT 12
including online registration
0.07 EUR - 0.30 EUR per participant
Optionally: payment processing (online registration) 1%-4% plus transaction fee depending on the payment method
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable

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