MotorKart Transponder

New Name for Outstanding Solution

Finding the right timing setup for each type of sports and event can be a challenge. Every day, RACE RESULT support specialists answer questions regarding the perfect solution for high speed motor events like motocross, karting or dirt races. Most times, it is an individual decision which hardware combination is to be used. Transponder position, loop cable installation and hardware settings play a key role in achieving accurate, stable transponder reads.

One fact has emerged from the many experiences we have had with our equipment in recent years: The grey active transponder is the perfect match for permanent timing system installations on karting tracks. It has a guaranteed battery life of 3 years and is resistant to electrical interference, which makes it a perfect product to use on electric karts. Highest precision is guaranteed if the transponder is mounted close to the ground.

To underline these outstanding capabilities in the field of karting, we now decided to rename the product to “MotorKart Transponder”.

 “When it comes to timing in motorsports, there are many challenges to overcome. For karting, we can truly say the ‘MotorKart Transponder’ is applicable for nearly any situation. This is also the feedback we get from our customers”, says Head of Support Thorsten Giesbach.

 The MotorKart Transponder comes with an Active Chip Holder to keep the Transponder away from metal or carbon parts. A USB Timing Box is usually used for start and finish, Loop Boxes can wirelessly cover split points.

RACE RESULT works together with established karting software providers to ensure a seamless integration of its hardware.

Learn more about the optimal kart timing setup on the RACE RESULT website or contact us at to get advice on all timing options for your race or track. 

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