Official Release of RACE RESULT 12

Timing Software raised to a new level

RACE RESULT has now officially released the new version of its sports timing software. Ten years after the introduction of race|result 11, the new version name marks a turning point in terms of usability and functionality.

RACE RESULT 12 introduces a smooth, new way of timing races. Setting up event files can now be even easier. Time to say goodbye to complex formulas, calculations and dozens of separate results in the event file.

The software only needs some basic information about the race and its split points. It can then calculate all important times, results, ranks and leg times in the background.

“We are pretty sure this will make your life as a timer much easier. In combination with the online registration and the results presentation on we now have an even more powerful toolkit for managing any type of sports event. Getting started with the software is easier than ever”, says RACE RESULT CEO Soenke Petersen.

RACE RESULT 12 is fully backwards compatible. All previous event files still work. Results and rankings are displayed and behave like they did before. For more complex setups (penalties in triathlons, variable lap races, etc.) you can still use the “Results” and “Rankings” pages known from race|result 11.

RACE RESULT 12 is available online through your customer account and for download on the website. The Knowledge Base provides a deep insight into the new fields and functions.

From now on, RACE RESULT strongly recommends the usage of RACE RESULT 12. Please note race|result 11 will not be updated anymore and its support will fade out slowly.


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