Red Bull Erzbergrodeo

RACE RESULT Technology Brings Benefits for Riders and Organizers

The Erzbergrodeo is arguably the most renowned enduro event in the world. Each year, hundreds of riders and tens of thousands of spectators gather at the Austrian open-pit mine to witness top-tier motorcycle races in a stunning setting.

In 2024, for the first time, the Erzbergrodeo implemented RACE RESULT technology. Each of the 1,500 riders wore an ActivePro V3 transponder on their wrist. A total of 27 checkpoints were installed along the various routes. These checkpoints were used for timekeeping, rider monitoring, and the transmission of live data for TV broadcasting.

At the timing points, Ubidium systems, Loop Boxes, and Decoder 5000S were utilized. This new technology marked a significant improvement for both riders and organizers. Previously, riders had to be manually recorded at many checkpoints, but now they can pass through the gates without stopping.


Installing loop cables in off-road races is often challenging, as the tracks can become muddy and rutted due to weather conditions. At the Erzbergrodeo, the loops were routed through thin pipes and buried beneath the track. Where this wasn’t possible, they were affixed to wooden stands beside the track, serving as side antennas. When participants wear the transponder on the correct wrist and pass within less than two meters of the checkpoints, a 100% detection rate is achieved effortlessly. The accuracy is just as high as with loops buried in the ground.


With its debut at the Erzbergrodeo 2024, the RACE RESULT technology is now used for timekeeping at almost all events of the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship.

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