Only one Software for all your events

race|result 11 is the solution for online registration, managing participants, timing and scoring, and presenting and publishing results - for road races, marathons, triathlons, 24h races, ski races, inline races or any other event that has not been invented yet.

Getting Started

race|result 11 Introduction pdf

To get started with
race|result 11, please read
the race|result 11 Introduction first.

Web based Collaboration

Before and after the event, you work online and collaborate via the Internet with your colleagues. No more mailing of any files back and forth!

For most parts of race|result 11 you only need your Internet Browser and do not need to install or even update any software.

During the event, you can work offline independently from the Internet, but still any computer in your local network can access the event information simply via the browser. Apart from your main computer you do not need to install or update any software.

Unmatched Flexibility

Flexible Reporting and Presentation Tools

Using race|result 11 you can communicate results on numerous channels and exactly the way you like - as result list which can be designed as flexible as in Word, as presentation for the spectators, athletes and the announcer as flexible as PowerPoint, as text message to the athletes' and their friends' cell phones, or live on to download the results at home or on your smart phone at the event.

Full Access to the Event Logic

Using race|result 11 you have the same flexibility as in Excel. You do not have three, ten or hundred different scoring options, but infinite. You have full access to the event logic.

However, in most cases, you can use a pre-configured template for your event, so that you don't have to care about configuration and event logic.


When working offline, our software is free.

If you would like to host your event on our server to work online with other team members and to publish results on our platform, we charge you a fee per participant. This license model goes along with our philosophy that we offer not only a program but rather a service that helps and supports you during all your events.
The fee per participant allows you to use all our services: timing and scoring using race|result 11, online registration, results and certificates on my race result, server usage. This way, even very small events can be timed using a professional software.

Price per participant:

> 50 participants: 0.30 EUR *
> 100 participants: 0.25 EUR *
> 250 participants: 0.20 EUR *
> 500 participants: 0.17 EUR *
> 1000 participants: 0.13 EUR *
> 5000 participants: 0.11 EUR *
> 10000 participants: 0.10 EUR *
> 50000 participants: 0.08 EUR *
> 100000 participants: 0.07 EUR *

Price for Your Event

#Participants: Price: 85.00 EUR *

Note: This price includes all our services: timing and scoring using race|result 11, online registration, results and certificates on my race result, server usage, support via the race result support center and forum and email.

Other Products

If desired we configure your event file according to the information you provide.
Service priced from: 85.00 EUR per hour or part thereof *

* all prices excl. VAT/Tax