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Only two weeks are left till the grand opening of the new race|result headquerters. We are looking forward to the beginning of a new era in the history of our company.

race|result times it all!
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We asked several event organizers and timers to answer one simple question: what makes race|result the perfect solution for electronic timing at sport events? – Here is what they said about their experience with race|result.

Running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, obstacle races… the race|result system times it all!

ActivePro at Wales' inaugural City Centre Triathlon:
Swansea Triathlon 2016

DB Max Sports Timing provided the results service for the inaugural Swansea City Centre Triathlon with the race|result ActivePro and LoopBox technology, utilising the unique store and repeat modes to provide accurate transition and stage times as well as overall times recorded at the finish in the heart of Swansea City centre in front of thousands of supporters.

Managing Director of DB Max, Will Whitmore, said: "The race|result technology was excellent for facilitating the live results that DB Max Sports Timing are famous for. The swim exit and transition points were up to 1km from the finish area, but the Swansea Triathlon commentators were able to commentate live to the crowds, via the instantaneous data we provided."

42,000 Runners
Vancouver Sun Run 2016

In mid April, Sportstats (West) successfully timed the Vancouver Sun Run using the race|result System.
According to their website, Sportstats is the biggest race timing company in the world. With more than 42,000 participants, the 10K race is one of the 25 largest running events in the world.

Sportstats (West) CEO Andre Yelle: "Sun Run was a great success and everyone was happy."

Coming Soon: Tracking and Timing with one Chip

race|result is adding a tracking function to their active transponder. For the first time it's possible to track all participants of an event - live and without any additional tracking device.

This brings you a totally new event experience, live and interactive, especially for fans, relatives or the media.

race|result's tracking solution will be available in the second half of the year 2016.

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Professional tools for

race|result provides both the most reliable and flexible race timing software and hardware for any type of endurance sports, and also the infrastructure to time the biggest events in the world.

We are the loyal partner at your side, and will help you gain that competitive advantage and grow.

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The right solution for

race|result is the complete package to time your race yourself:
chip timing system (for rent), scoring software, bib numbers, online registration, and much more.

Hundreds of events are timed successfully this way every year. You can do it as well!

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