Fast and Secure Registration offers a simple, secure and fast online registration to your event. All information will be transferred encrypted and thus protected from the access by third parties. Thanks to numerous checks my race result provides a maximum of data quality.
The configuration of the online registration by the organizer is as simple and as fast as the online registration itself: With just a few clicks in race|result 11 you can enable the online registration and adapt it to your needs using numerous settings.
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Secure Payment.
with our Online Payment

Optionally, you can require the athletes to pay the entry fees of your event during the online registration process.
You can choose among the following payment methods:
  Direct Debit (SEPA) 0.06 EUR + 1% of the total amount
  Credit Card 0.65 EUR + 4% of the total amount
  PayPal EUR 0.78 EUR + 4% of the total amount
  PayPal GBP 0.78 EUR + 5% of the total amount
  Money Transfer Switzerland 1.50 EUR
  Deposit Slip Switzerland 1.50 EUR + 1% of the total amount
  Swiss PostFinance 0.65 EUR + 3% of the total amount
  Sofortü 0.55 EUR + 2.5% of the total amount
  Money Transfer Germany 1.00 EUR
  Voucher Code free
All prices excl. VAT/tax

Live in the Internet by just One Click publishes the results of your event in the Internet.
Therefore you need to do no more than selecting the desired result lists and certificates in race|result 11. These result lists and certificates will be shown on my race result immediately. can also publish results live during the event. While you are working offline with race|result 11, you can activate the online forwarding function with just one click such that has access to the latest results.

Scalable and redundant spreads the resulting workload over several server systems distributed over Germany. Thus, a quick access to your results is ensured even at peak times.

Results 2.0

Our Result List 2.0 has hit it big. Athletes and spectators can not only download the result lists but also comment on them. Thus, on some result lists hundreds of congratulations and greetings have been left.