As a manufacturer of electronic devices and print products, we rely on the use of different raw materials, as well as on suppliers from all over the world. We acknowledge these realities.

Sustainability is one of our core corporate values. We feel responsible for the environment, natural resources, and future generations.

We know: many stakeholders in the sports industry want to reduce the ecological footprint of their events. We are happy to contribute to this goal as far as we can. We have taken concrete steps to reduce the environmental footprint of both, our products and manufacutring processes.

What we do specifically:

The solar system on the roof of our HQ in Germany generated 183 MWh of electricity in 2022. Our self-consumption rate was 60 %.

Since 2021 we are officially a carbon-neutral company.
We have calculated our CO₂ footprint according to the standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol scopes 1, 2 and 3 and have compensated for the calculated amount with certificates from climate protection projects.

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Introduction of the new RACE RESULT Passive transponder. By using only 1.5 mm foam instead of 3 mm, we can almost halve packaging sizes and save waste.

Introduction of Chip2Go. This machine enables our customers to encode race transponders on site. This means that fewer ready-coded transponders have to be kept available, which would end up in the trash unused after the race. As a rule, at least 5-10 % of registered participants do not show up at races.

With the construction of our headquarters extension building, we are almost doubling the solar panels on our rooftop to now 1028 square meters.

Installation of a new system for air pressure technology at our production facilities. Reduction of energy consumption by 40 %. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics "Cross-sectional technology for energy efficiency and process heat from renewable energies"

All employees at our headquarters can now charge electric vehicles for free. That's why more colleagues have now decided to purchase an electric car, and we reduce the CO2 emissions during the commute to work.

We are now always choosing the climate-neutral shipping option from all our logistics partners for deliveries to customers.

Next planned step
Together with our suppliers, we are developing a compostable material that we can print bibs on. When ordering, our customers will then have the choice between this new material and Tyvek.

Passive Transponders and Race Bibs

We have calculated the carbon footprint across the entire supply and production chain. You can use these values to include them in the environmental balance of your sporting event:

Passive transponder

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0.0165 kg CO₂*

Tyvek-Bib A5

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0.014175 kg CO₂*

Tyvek-Bib special size (20 x 23 cm)

0.02835 kg CO₂ *

* per piece, packaging and shipping to the customer not included

Why Tyvek® for race bibs?

We print all bib numbers on Tyvek® because there is currently no other material with similar properties for the demands of sporting events. Tyvek® is deformable like paper and has a textile-like fleece structure. It is waterproof, tearproof and lightweight. Tyvek® is 100 % recyclable.

Disposal of passive transponders and bibs

Passive transponders contain an electronic chip and should therefore be disposed of with e-waste. On request, we will take care of the proper disposal of your start numbers and passive transponders. This is free of charge. To ensure smooth processing, we ask you to inform us in advance before sending such a shipment.

Return of Electronics

As a distributor of electronic devices, we are obliged under EU law to take electronics back free of charge and dispose of them properly. If you would like to send us hardware or active transponders that are no longer required, please let us know in advance.

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