Smooth and comfortable

RACE RESULT 12 introduces a new way of sports timing. The intuitive user interface allows you to setup events without complicated formulas or calculations.

RACE RESULT 12 is the complete solution for timing and managing of any kind of sports event.


Timing & Scoring

Live Results


API Export

Web based collaboration

Before and after the event, you work online via an Internet Browser. You and your colleagues access the same event file. No more mailing of any data back and forth.

During the event, you can work offline. You simply download and install RACE RESULT 12 on your computer. Any other computer in your local network can access the event information via the browser. If internet is available, live results can be forwarded online.

Unmatched flexibility

RACE RESULT 12 gives you full access to the event logic. You do not have three, ten or hundred different scoring options, but infinite.
However, in most cases, you can use a pre-configured template for your event, so that you don't have to care about configuration and event logic.

Reporting and Presentation

RACE RESULT 12 allows you to instantly present results on numerous channels. Push live-results online to Present data to spectators, athletes and announcers on a screen or video wall. Send text messages athletes' and their friends' cell phones. Make results and certificates downloadable after the event.

At a Glance via App

The free app RACE RESULT Aurora gives you remote access to your timing hardware. Use it to monitor your decoders and track boxes remotely and receive push notifications for important device status changes.
You can also access your RACE RESULT 12 event files through the app.


When working offline, our software is free.

If you would like to host your event on our server to work online, open a registration and publish results on our platform, we charge you a fee per participant.
This license model goes along with our philosophy that we offer not only a program but rather a service that helps and supports you during all your events.

Price for your event

#Participants: Price: 95.00 EUR *

This price includes all our services: Timing and scoring using RACE RESULT 12, online registration, results and certificates on my race result, server usage, support via the race result support center, forum and email.

Price per participant

> 1 Participants: 0.32 EUR *
> 100 Participants: 0.27 EUR *
> 250 Participants: 0.22 EUR *
> 500 Participants: 0.19 EUR *
> 1000 Participants: 0.15 EUR *
> 5000 Participants: 0.13 EUR *
> 10000 Participants: 0.12 EUR *
> 50000 Participants: 0.10 EUR *
> 100000 Participants: 0.09 EUR *


Optionally, we can collect entry fees from participants during the registration process. We charge a small additional fee for this.

Setup Service

If desired we configure your event file for chip timing with RACE RESULT equipment according to the information you provide.
Service priced from: 90.00 EUR per hour or part thereof. *

* all prices excl. VAT/Tax

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