You can count on us!

In addition to the world's best timing hardware and software, the third pillar of race|result is an innovative warehousing, ordering, production and delivery process, which may be adopted under the heading "Industry 4.0" today.
We know that the right goods in the right quality must be in the right place at the right time. Your event has a date and will not be postponed if the safety pins are missing. In many cases, however, you cannot estimate required quantities until shortly before the event, so that orders are being placed as late as possible.
Our ERP system analyzes on a daily basis our inventory levels, delivery times and sales figures, and warns us weeks in advance in case of possible supply bottlenecks for on of our 500 parts we purchase.

Print on Demand

We print your bibs with a high-quality digital offset print on HP Indigo machines, usually on Tyvek paper. Tyvek is a light, tear-proof and weather-proof polyethylene fiber fabric and the best choice for professional bibs. We do not offer you second class bibs made from an inferior material with a cheap laser print.

High-Speed Chip Production

We can produce up to 90,000 race bibs per day with custom 4C print, personalization and integrated tags.
You can receive these after 2-5 business days ready to use for your event - always on time with delivery date guarantee.

Custom Race Bibs

Learn more about how we produce race bibs and how they get to you so quickly.

Guaranteed Delivery

When you order supplies from our shop, it's all about the date. During the check-out you select the desired delivery date and we move heaven and earth in order to guarantee that the items for your event arrive on time. If necessary, we expediate the shipment and/or prioritize your order.

Everything for Your Event

Barrier tape, safety pins, stickers, envelopes, LED clocks, cable straps, labels, duct tape:
Our shop offers the additional supplies you may need for your event.