European Running Business Conference 2022

How Digitalisation Can Help Running Events Recover

Where’s the running business industry headed after the COVID crisis? At the European Running Business Conference in Stockholm one trend became clear: digitalisation is key to success.

It felt almost like a class reunion, when 250 stakeholders of the running industry met last week in Stockholm. “After almost 3 years we were finally able to network in person again. Everyone really enjoyed the gathering of high-class organizers, suppliers & official delegates. We were happy to meet many existing customers and prospects from across Europe, and even Africa”, says Thorsten Griesbach, Head of Support at RACE RESULT.
Nevertheless, the situation in the running business is not quite as carefree as it was before the pandemic. The number of participants at sports events has decreased, at the same time the organizers are feeling increasing cost pressure. 

Innovation Through Digitalisation

Many stakeholders started rethinking their processes. The overall goal is to improve the race experience for athletes and their supporters. Data plays an important role in this. „For the participants, the race has to start well before the actual starting gun today. It's all about digital experiences”, says Thorsten Griesbach. “Many organizers are looking for event apps to get in touch with the participants and present them personalized information. The demand for such solutions was quite high during the conference.” Digital platforms also help to bring messages from event sponsors to attendees over a longer period. At the same time, the emotional connection with the event is strengthened. 

Live Timing Data and Visualization

Data also plays an increasingly important role during the race. Organizers are looking for ways to get more information from along the course. Live visualizations and projections are a good way to better integrate spectators and supporters into the race. This was an important topic of conversation at the RACE RESULT booth at the European Running Business Conference in Stockholm: 
“Especially our Track Box Passive was interesting for many organizers in Stockholm. It is self-sufficient, small, easy to set up and a complete timing system. It is therefore ideal for collecting lots of additional data along the course.”
Digitisation can lead to increased enthusiasm for a sports event. In the end, this helps both: the organizers and the participants.

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