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STEP 1 - Place your Upgrade and Repair Order

On the day you would like to send in your systems go through to our online-shop and click on the Upgrade/Repair category. From there, you will find two shop items:

If you want to upgrade your race|result System, add a Decoder Upgrade to your cart. It is important that you put the device serial number in the text box labeled "Device ID:".

If you want to Upgrade your 4000 Series Ground Antenna, add a Ground Antenna Upgrade to your cart.
Once you have added all your Upgrade Items to you cart, you should ensure that the quantity of items in your cart matches the number of items you want to upgrade. Please execute the purchase when you are logged into your race|result Customer Account you used to buy the device.

After that, you will be given different shipping options - pick your desired return date from these options. When having finished the order process you will receive a confirmation email including your order number.

STEP 2 - Send in your Systems

Once you have placed your order, send in your devices immediately to your corresponding location:

race|result UK
c/o Sports Timing Services
Unit 9 Lymedale Enterprise Centre
Dalewood Road, Lymedale Business Park
Newcastle Under Lyme ST5 9QH
United Kingdom

race|result USA
c/o RaceRite
2450 Central Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301
race|result AU
c/o Event Timing Pty Ltd
Unit 8, 7-9 Hamlet Street
3192 Cheltenham
race|result AG
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Straße 11
76327 Pfinztal


You will receive a confirmation email after you place your order. On the first line of the address on your packages, please write "ATTN: RMA Order [Order#]", you should replace [Order#] with your order number which we sent to you in the confirmation email. For example, if you are sending your system to race|result USA, and your order number is 54321, your package delivery address should be written as:
ATTN: RMA Order 54321
race|result USA
c/o RaceRite
2450 Central Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301
Only send us your race|result Systems, or your 4000 Series Ground Antennas included in the upgrade! Do not send us your Active Extensions, or your power and network cables.

If you wish to send us additional equipment, other than a race|result System or a 4000 Series Ground Antenna, please contact us first so we can add it manually to your order. Sending in additional equipment may cause extra costs and delays in your equipment's return.
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Step 3 - Wait for your Systems to be returned

Sit back and relax! We will have your systems back to you until the chosen date of return.

To ensure a timely return, please make sure that your shipping address in your order is stated correctly.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@raceresult.com.

Kind regards,
Your race|result Team

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