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RACE RESULT Track Box Passive Set
Track Box Passive - Case with Charger and 2 Track Boxes

UHF Timing device for splits, trail runs and other low-dense situations.

Works only with RACE RESULT Passive Transponders. LTE modem, GPS and battery integrated. (You need to apply SIM cards)

Case includes:
2x Track Boxes
2x tripod mounts
2x stakes
1x double charge adapter
1x 12V AC adapter
1x mains power lead

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2,790.00 EUR3,320.10 EUR
Currently not available
RACE RESULT Track Box Passive Set [Rental]
Rental of 2 Track Boxes+Case with Charger. SIM Cards included.

Depending on availability: after your order, we will inform you whether the system is available on the selected weekend.

Please note that in the case of short-term reservations, additional processing costs per System are due.
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290.00 EUR345.10 EUR
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TAVI Transponder [disposable]
TAVI-Badge incl. 1 transponder
Size: 1.96"W 5.82"H
Print: 4C (full color)

Data sheet

No minimum purchase required
plus 10 EUR setup fee
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TAVI Transponder [reusable]
TAVI-Badge incl. 1 transponder
Size: 5,4x12,8cm
Print: 4C (full color)
Material: PVC

Data sheet

plus 10 EUR setup fee
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500+5.00 EUR5.95 EUR
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