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Feb 7-10, 2024

Timers Conference Europe 2024


March 8–9, 2024

We are pleased to welcome you to the picturesque city of Heidelberg, where we will spend two days preparing for the upcoming timing season, building valuable connections, and exploring our latest product releases in depth.

Enhance your knowledge and expertise in race timing with RACE RESULT.
Discover how our solutions can help your business thrive.
Collaborate with peers and industry experts.
Influence the direction of our products.
Have a good time with us!

Main Sessions Topics

Unlocking Insights: The Ubidium Deep-Dive Session

The new timing system is attracting attention worldwide. What advantages over previous timing systems have already been demonstrated in practice at events? What technological details make Ubidium the most accurate system on the market? How do you most effectively implement it at your events? Try Ubidium on-site yourself!

Nikias Klohr, CTO

Newly Introduced: Ubidium Foldable Ground Antenna

We report on the current state of development and provide an exclusive insight into the data collected at dozens of test events. You can test the mat yourself and learn more about our roadmap for market launch. Experience live why the Ubidium Ground Antenna will elevate UHF timing to an even higher level.

Nikias Klohr, CTO

Know your Toolbox: RACE RESULT 12 Hands-On

With the new registration, kiosk, and presenter features, the capabilities of our software have steadily expanded in recent months. What concept is behind this? How can timers effectively utilize these new components? What creative possibilities some with the new features? We demonstrate practical applications so that both newbies and professionals can gain valuable inspiration.

Sönke Petersen, CEO

Thorsten Griesbach, Head of Support

Panel Discussion: Where will „data-driven” drive us?

During marathon registration, participants are asked about their favorite shoe brand, athletes' live heart rate is broadcasted on television: The amount of data collected and published around sports events has been rapidly increasing in recent years. Why do organizers need this data? How does it assist in event marketing? Can the experience for participants be effectively enhanced with it? How can timekeepers leverage this trend? International stakeholders from the sports industry discuss opportunities and future scenarios related to data-driven sports events.

Dennis Meckler, Head of Marketing


In addition to these sessions, the conference provides ample opportunities for mutual networking, trying out our products, and providing direct feedback. We look forward to engaging in lively discussions!

Good to know!


The conference will be hosted at the 'Frauenbad Heidelberg', an exquisite historic Art Nouveau venue located in the city center. Heidelberg is valued for its rich cultural heritage, highlighted by the historic Heidelberg Castle and the picturesque Old Town.

The program begins on Friday at 9 a.m. and ends on Saturday at 4 p.m. Your participation will include snacks, beverages, and lunch served on both days. We've also arranged a special dinner for the evening of the first day.

Frauenbad Heidelberg


Heidelberg is popular with tourists from all over the world and has many hotels in all categories. We do not want to specify a hotel for our conference, you can choose your own accommodation. The Frauenbad is centrally located and can be reached on foot from many hotels. However, please reach out to us if you need further adivse on accomodation.

Hotels in Heidelberg

Visit our HQ

When registering, you can let us know whether you are interested in visiting our headquarters the day before the conference (March 7th). We would be happy to show you our production and development and introduce you to some of our employees personally. We are open to organize a shared trip from Heidelberg to Pfinztal and back (approx. 40 minutes each way).

Conference Language

Since we will have customers from all over Europe with us, the official sessions of the conference will be held in English. Apart from that, you can also speak to our team in German, French, Spanish and Italian (at least!)

Attendance Fee

The fee includes conference participation, leisure activities, food, drinks and dinner on Friday.
Early Bird (until Dec 15,2023): 200 € p.P.
Regular (Dec 15,2023 – Jan 31,2024): 250 € p.P.
Late (Feb 1 – Mar 7,2024): 300 € p.P.


The conference is fully booked.
For questions regarding registration, please send us a message.

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