Passive Chips (without Battery)
for Mass Events



Bib Transponder
Shoe Transponder
MTB Plate
Bike Transponder
Transponders on Roll
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Reusable Shoe Transponder

Passive Ground Antenna

The ground antenna can be set up in less than a minute and is the right choice for almost any event.
The standard length is 4.8 meter (16 ft). If necessary, it can be extended to 8 meters (26 ft.) or shortened by simply not unfolding the antenna completely or by splitting it into smaller parts.


Chip2Go enables timers to program their own race|result Passive Transponders. It is the first true application-specific chip machine for sports timing purposes.
Chip2Go is the perfect solution for short-term bib production, on-site registration and smaller events. Instead of throwing away spare Chip Race Numbers after an event, you can produce just the amount of Chip Race Numbers you really need on race day. Chip2Go is a stand-alone, robust and handy device.
Numers can be typed in via tochscreen/ external numpad or scanned with optional barcoode scanner. Chip2Go can also read bib numbers from chip file on USB stick. It requires no network connection and comes with 15V power supply and USB-numpad.

Side Antenna

The side antenna can be used when you need a barrier-free finish line, e.g. for cycling. It is also an option for winter sports (the ground antenna cannot be dug under snow), and exotic use cases like canoe, vintage car races, etc.

High Gain UHF Antenna

Perfect for special purposes like mass road cycling events. With high signal power and narrow field these antennas provide long range and high precision. The passive transponder is usually put to the seatpost sticker participants have attached to their bike.
Using the High Gain UHF Antenna you need to apply to legal regulations and the correct setup is very important to achieve good results!

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