Active System

A rapidly growing number of elite events around the world has trust in the RACE RESULT Active System. It combines high precision and reliability with unique features like tracking and store mode.
The unmatched combination of Decoder and Active Extension ensures a detection rate of 100 %. A simple wire loop is used to detect transponders. It can be taped to the finish line or buried in the ground.

ActiveBasic Transponder

Accuracy: 0.2 s
Max. speed: 75 km/h
1D activation antenna
Battery life: guaranteed 7 years,
expected 12 years *
No Tracking

ActivePro Transponder

High accuracy: 0.01 s
Max. speed: 150km/h
3D activation antenna
Battery life: guaranteed 5 years,
expected 7 years *
Store Mode & Tracking

MotorKart Transponder

Very high accuracy: 0.004 s
Max. speed: 250km/h
3D activation antenna
Battery life: guaranteed 3 years,
expected 4 years *
Store Mode & Tracking

* Details see Datasheet


-25°C to +70°C








125 kHz

Back Channel:

2.4 GHz




Active Extension

Using the Active Extension, your RACE RESULT Decoder supports the Active Transponders. Only a wire loop is needed as the antenna. It can be fixed on the ground using duct tape or attached to a mat. On race tracks, it can be installed in the channels designed for timing loops.

Loop Box

The stand-alone Loop Box is a revolutionary new way to collect split times. At nearby split timing points detections are repeated wirelessly to the main system. In case of remote timing points, the ActivePro Transponder saves the passing time and then transmits them when arriving at the finish.

USB Timing Box

The USB timing box is the handy alternative to the Active System. It is connected directly to the PC and does not need a Decoder. Thanks to the internal memory battery, 100 % reliable timing can still be maintained if the computer should fail. The USB Timing Box can be combined with loop boxes.

Track Box

With the Track Box, you can provide tracking and timing with the same transponder. Track Boxes placed along the course or on race vehicles receive pings from all tracking-enabled transponders within a 50 m radius and transmit the data live online. You can then use this data to produce live tracking visualisation, and to publish an unprecedented amount of splits.

Management Box

The Management Box is a key component of the tracking solution, as it is required to activate and deactivate tracking on the transponders, as well as to manage your Track Boxes.
It also allows you to easily check your inventory of transponders, to generate chip files and to set the transponders to Deep Sleep Mode.

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Setup of the RACE RESULT Active System
Active V2 Transponders
300 Active Transponders in one shot!
Timing Innovation: Tracking

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