Our intention is not only to offer the best timing equipment, but also to have the best qualified timers in the sports industry. That's why providing intensive training to our customers is so important to us. We offer different options depending on your level of expertise, whether you are new to race timing or an experienced timer looking to make the most of our hardware and software.

Besides the training options listed below, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the ever-expanding Knowledge Base. Here you can find instructions, hints and explanations for race|result software and hardware.

 Training Sessions

In the off season we host one to two day training sessions to provide you with the latest updates and best practices for your events. Whether you are a new user looking to get additional hands on experience with our system or an experienced user wanting to expand your knowledge, we will cover all levels.

During our training sessions around the globe, race|result users also get to network with each other. In previous years we welcomed more than 500 guests in 20 locations on five continents to our race|result Training Sessions.
The upcoming Training Sessions will be published here soon.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Country, City Date Register
Boulder, Colorado
Dec 10th - 11th, 2019 Registration not open
Kuala Lumpur
Jan 25th - 26th, 2020 Registration not open
More trainings to be published here.


To keep you updated and inform you throughout the year, we offer free online webinars.
In these 30-minute sessions we cover race|result software and hardware related topics as well as general timing issues.

Find all Webinars also on our YouTube channel.

 On-Site Training

We are pleased to offer you a tailor-made On-Site Training package that fully covers your requirements. Please note that On-Site Training is subject to availability.
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★ ★ ★ Timers' School

In our German headquarters, we offer a three-part education program for people who want to be professional timers. The Timers' School includes classes, e-learning and internships with experienced timers. At the end of the programme, trainees sit an exam. If they pass, they receive a certificate. The programme is held in German.
Find more information on our German website version.