Example Mountainbike Race (for example 24h-race)

For a mountain bike race, we recommend to use the passive system with disposable transponders attached to the back of the bike plates. The procedure exactly corresponds to the example of Local Road Race. In case of a 24h-race, choose the template "Team Lap Race" when setting up the event file in race|result 11.

How to proceed

Several months before the event:

  • Order the rental equipment in our shop and thus ensure the availability.
  • Log in on, create your event in race|result 11 (the race|result 11 Introduction helps to get started) and activate the online registration.

Approximately one week before the event:

  • Once you can estimate the quantities, order the individual bike plates with transponder and other supplies in our shop. Unused or even used bibs can be used for the next event.
  • Usually you will receive the timing system 3-5 business days before the event, so that you have enough time to familiarize yourself with the system.

After the event:

  • Publish the results and race certificates on
  • Send the rental system back to race|result.

Pricing for the Complete Solution

  Rent Buy  
race result System, 4.8m 290 EUR 3990 EUR per system
Bike Plate+Transponder 1.26 EUR - 1.79 EUR per bike plate
Cable Straps 200mm (to mount bike plate) 2.93 EUR per 100 units
Software race|result 11 including online registration 0.07 EUR - 0.30 EUR per participant
Optionally: payment processing (online registration) 1%-4% plus transaction fee depending on the payment method
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable