Example Cycling

For cycling and motorsports, the active system will be used. As there is only one timing line, you will only need a "USB Timing Box". The scoring of the laps is done easily with race|result 11 when using the template "Lap Race". The procedure is analogue to the example of a Triathlon.

How to proceed

Several months before the event:

  • Order the rental equipment in our shop and thus ensure the availability.
  • Log in at, create your event in race|result 11 (the race|result 11 Introduction helps to get started) and activate the online registration.

Approximately one week before the event:

  • Once you can estimate the quantities, order the individual bib numbers and other supplies in our shop. Should you need more active transponders, the number can still be increased moderately.
  • Usually you will receive the timing system 3-5 business days before the event, so that you have enough time to familiarize yourself with the system.

After the event:

  • Publish the results and race certificates on
  • Send the rental equipment back to race|result.

Pricing for the Complete Solution

  Rent Buy  
USB Timing Box for the finish 190 EUR 1790 EUR per system
ActivePro Transponder 2.00 EUR - 3.00 EUR 25 EUR - 50 EUR per transponder
Cable Straps 200mm (to attached transponder to the fork) 2.93 EUR per 100 units
Back number 16x18cm (UCI) without transponder: 0.30 EUR per race number
Software race|result 11 including online registration 0.07 EUR - 0.30 EUR per participant
Optionally: payment processing (online registration) 1%-4% plus transaction fee depending on the payment method
All prices plus VAT / tax if applicable