We have reached the finish line.
We are all set!

It took us a month to move all our equipment into our new race|result Headquarters. We are looking forward to welcoming you here.

race|result invests
4 million Euro in New Headquarters

race|result is rapidly expanding! Becoming number 1 in the market for timing systems, race|result is investing in a new headquarters.

The new headquarters will have 2,150 mē of floor space, providing room for an ultramodern office, development facilities and a large production area. Planning is progressing quickly and we are hoping to move in on the end of the year 2016.

Triathlon de Nice Côte d'Azur
Final of the French Triathlon Grand Prix

Some of the world's best triathletes like Mario Mola and Vicent Luis competed on October 3rd/4th in Nice, France. The ActivePro transponder kept times precisely and accurately for the finish and transition zone. The Loop Boxes transferred all times wirelessly to the finish.

[Triathlon de Nice Results]

race|result System 5000 released

Race timing with the new race|result System 5000 series is easier than ever before. The revolutionary folding mechanism (patent pending) reduces the time to set up the timing system to less than a minute. The antenna is only 2cm in height and can be crossed without any problem by bike, car, truck, or fork-lift.

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race|result in the holy city

Almost 30 race|result Systems were distributed over the city to take the times of the 25,000 runners on the 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon distance.

[Jerusalem Marathon Results]

Loop Box Version 2
The smallest Active Timing System in the World

The Loop Box revolutionizes the way split times are being timed.
It is running on the internal battery for 12-20 hours and simply repeats the detections wirelessly to the finish.

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Active & ActivePro - the new world's best

Voila: our new active transponders for rough and high-speed sports like cycling, ski, inline, triathlon or mud races.
The ActivePro's 3D antenna ensures unmatched precision, and the revolutionary Loop Box makes timing split points easier than ever before.

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