Track Box Passive

Patent Granted in US and EU

RACE RESULT is excited to share that it has received US and EU patents for its cutting-edge sports timing device, Track Box Passive. Since the introduction of the Track Box Passive in 2020, the solution has become very popular among timekeepers around the world. Every weekend, several hundred devices are used at events worldwide.

The key benefit of the Track Box Passive is the ease of setup for split points. The device is remote-controlled, allowing timers to add timing locations quickly and easily. It is easy to operate for volunteers, ensuring that race timing is a smooth and efficient process.
Commenting on the patent grant, RACE RESULT's CTO Nikias Klohr said: “This product represents a significant breakthrough in sports timing technology and turned out to be a game-changer for race timers around the world. The patent grant is a testament to the dedication of our engineering team, and we are excited to see the impact that the Track Box Passive has on the sports timing industry! It is also increasingly being used for non-sports applications.”

Dual Box Synchronization 

The patent for Track Box Passive also covers the unique "dual box synchronization" feature. This feature allows timers to set up timing points on both sides of the road without worrying about interference between the devices. As a result, wider timing points are possible, providing race timers with greater flexibility in setting up their timing infrastructure.

Dedicated UHF Reader Inside 

A special UHF reader was developed for the Track Box Passive, tailored to the needs of sports timing. Its small dimensions and low power consumption made the design of such a handy UHF timing device possible in the first place. The RACE RESULT development team is currently working on integrating this reader into a new foldable floor mat. Together with the recently introduced Ubidium timing system, the reader will again be able to demonstrate its advantages in terms of read rates, power consumption and synchronization.

More information about the Track Box Passive can be found on our website:

Learn about Track Box Passive →


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