Intermediate race|result 11 Learning Examples

Local road race

It is a local running event, with start and finish at the same place.
Results display the official gun time, as well as the chip time of each participant, as info.
Custom ranks are created for the city championship and for a special team classification.
The detailed result list also displays the average speed and pace, and allows participants to download their certificate and to access their race pictures and finish line video.

Download the event file

Simple vs. Advanced Mode

Find out about the differences between the Simple Mode and the Advanced Mode of the Transponder Module, and learn when and how to use them to start your race.

Download the Simple Mode file

Download the Advanced Mode file

Race with a set number of laps

The race takes place on a 5km course. Three contests are offered: 5km, 10km and 20km, in other words 1, 2 or 4 loops.
The "Lap race" template in race|result 11 being designed for events where participants have to complete the most laps in a given time, it does not apply to this case.
So, we are going to create a standard event, add the split results, and define a finish result that depends on the contest.

Download the event file

Link results to pictures and video

Find out how to link your results with participants pictures and a finish line video, and embed them in your own website.

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Advanced race|result 11 Learning Examples

International Marathon

Systems are placed at the start and finish, as well as at the 10km, 20km, half marathon, 30km and 40km splits.
One of the systems from the start line is then moved before the finish line to display the name of the current finishers for the announcer.
All detections are received in real time on the finish line, and live results are published on for the public to follow their runners.

Download the event file


Times are recorded at the entrance and exit of the transition area, and on the finish line.
An additional system is used as a swim check-in, to let the organizer know who actually started and make sure all participants come out of the water.
The public follows the race live on

Download the event file

Tour with 3 Stages

There are three stages on three different days. The runners keep their race numbers for every race.
Everything will be based on net time (finish time minus start time).
There are different rankings for each stage and an overall tour ranking after each stage.
Additionally, there are two team scores: couples and teams of five. Also for these, there is a scoring for each stage separately and an overall tour scoring after each stage.

Download the event file

Points calculation and cup classification

This is a series of three 10km races, taking place on the same course every week. On each stage, participants score points depending on their gender rank.
As participants have different bibs throughout the series, the stages are set up in three separate event files. An extra event file is used to import the times and points of each stage, and calculate the overall classifications.

Download the event files:
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Cup file

Heats, Semi-Finals, Final

There are 8 heats, and the best 2 of each heat qualify for the semi-finals.
The best 4 of each semi-finals qualify for the final.
All participants are then ranked in an overall classification.
This ranking determines the start time for a time trial contest that takes place later.

Download the event file