Timing Network

Hundreds of companies worldwide specialized in time keeping rely on race|result technology. Most of them are using not only the same hardware, but also the same software, and thus build a global network of professionals who can cooperate seamlessly. The race|result timers time small and medium sized local events on their own and cooperate for major events.

As a race director, you can trust that race|result timers provide high quality services according to global standards. No matter if your events are growing strongly or are already grown, thanks to the network any event of any kind and size can be timed accurately, precisely and cost-effectively. The race result AG as the parent company is always in the background to support timers and race directors and provides the necessary technical infrastructure.

As a new race|result race timer you are immediately involved in the timer network and can exchange know-how, equipment and personnel.


münz Corporate Run

The company münz Sport Concept GmbH & Co. KG holds around 20 events per year. For most of their events they rent a race|result System and time the race on their own. The only exception is the münz Corporate Run with almost 20,000 participants. For this event, race|result Hamburg is on site and brings four systems and personnel. Working together before, during and after the event is easy since all parties involved use the same software.

Patrouille des Glaciers

The PdG is the world's largest and most spectacular race in ski mountaineering, leads from Zermatt to Verbier, past the world-famous Matterhorn, and was first held in 1943.
For a race timer, PdG is the biggest challenge of all: It requires perfect logistics and reliable timing with security-related live broadcasting of all data to the race headquarters. The contractors for the 15 timing points not only need to be experienced race timers, but also need to have alpine experience. 7 timing points could only be reached via helicopter.
When race|result Swiss was awarded the contract for the mammoth job, it took only 30 minutes on the phone to find a crew of 17 people and to get together the 4500 active transponders: a third came from race timers in Switzerland, another 1000 from a timer in Germany and the race result AG provided the remaining equipment.

Jerusalem Marathon

During this special marathon, a total of 25 race|result Systems are distributed over the holy city. The race timer mynet Ltd. from Tel Aviv owns 17 systems and another 8 are provided by race|result. The 17,000 race numbers with disposable transponder and Pic2Go code were produced and declared with customs in express mode and were on schedule in Israel on site. A race timer from Germany and an employee from race result AG were on site to support the local timer.