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Contact Tracing at Sports Events

RACE RESULT has developed a simple solution to help host sporting events during a pandemic and make them safer for the participants.

In the start and finish areas, at refreshment points or race expos, gatherings of people can hardly be avoided. Contact tracing with bib numbers is ideal for such areas. This can be a significant component in the safety concept and help organizers in having their event approved by authorities.

✓   Take responsibility for athletes and helpers

✓   Prevent virus spread

✓   Support health authorities


The transponder on the back of the bib number is used to identify who entered and left a dedicated area on the event site at what time. Disposable transponders can also easily be issued to all employees and helpers, they can be worn as a lanyard or sticker on clothing.

With the help of the Track Box Passive or a conventional timing system with a ground antenna, different detection areas are covered. If a participant enters or leaves this area, the systems record this.

Using the special TAVI software enables the organizer to prioritize and filter out at-risk contacts in the event of an infection. The system also shows the number of visitors for each area in real time. In this way, action can be taken if capacity limits apply.

✓   Based on existing RACE RESULT technology

✓   High data security

✓   Rental systems available


Track Box Passive

Alternatively: Decoder + Ground Antenna

Bibs with Transponder

TAVI Software

“Thanks to our own contact tracing, I was able to ensure that, in the worst case, we could significantly reduce the number of people who would have to be in quarantine. And this is exactly what will be an important aspect of events in the future.”

Viktor Röthlin, organizer Switzerland Marathon Light

Switzerland Marathon Light 2020

Without the contact tracing from RACE RESULT, the running event with around 1,000 participants would not have been approved by local authorities. In this case study you will find details on the exact procedure as well as extensive feedback from the organizer and timekeeper.


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