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RACE RESULT Track Box Passive Set US

Availability in a few weeks.

Track Box Passive - Case with Charger and 2 Track Boxes

UHF Timing device for splits, trail runs and other low-dense situations.

Works only with RACE RESULT Passive Transponders. LTE modem, GPS and battery integrated. (You need to apply SIM cards)

Case includes:
2x Track Boxes
2x tripod mounts
2x stakes
1x double charge adapter
1x 12V AC adapter
1x mains power lead

$ 2,999.00
More than 40 ready for shipping in 100-101 day(s)
Additional Track Box Passive Charger
Only suitable for use with Active Loop Box or Track Box Passive
$ 45.00
Track Box Case with Charger and 10 Active Track Boxes 4G
10 Track Boxes in handy carry case with power supply for 5h quick charge
(you need to supply SIM cards)

Important: you need a Management Box to change the Track Box configuration and to activate tracking on your transponders!

$ 5,499.00
More than 3 ready for shipping in 2-3 day(s)
Additional Active Track Box Charger
Only suitable for use with Active Track Boxes
$ 79.00
More than 20 ready for shipping in 1 day(s)
14dBi Directional Antenna for Active Track Box
Create virtual timing lines in long range applications like rowing or stand up paddling. Will reliably detect track pings up to 150 meters away.
Can also be used to reduce detection of transponders in an unwanted direction.

Only suitable for use with Track Boxes. Not intended for use with any Active System Box!
$ 179.00
More than 10 ready for shipping in 1-2 day(s)