race|result System 5000, 4.8m
Decoder + 4.8 meter Ground Antenna

Works with all race|result passive transponders.
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Ground Antenna, 4.8m
4.8m Ground Antenna
As replacement for the race|result System or for use with third-party systems.
Connectors: BNC
Now with handy carrying handle!
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6m Extension Kit
Two empty antenna elements to extend the 4.8m ground antenna to 6m.
8m Extension Kit
4 empty mats and 2 antenna mats to extend the 4.8m ground antenna to 8m.
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race|result Tag Reader
For certificate and registration kiosks, chip-file creation, etc.

Emulates a keyboard and reads all race|result UHF Tags.

New in version 2:
- increased read range
- no driver installation necessary
- UHF frequency and read power definable in software
- software controllable beeper
- integrated magnets for easy mounting on metal surfaces

Download driver and software in the Download Section.

Start/Marker Push-Button
The push-button can be connected to the feature port and can start the timing mode or set a marker.
Cable length: 1.8m
race|result Wifi Bridge Set
Using the Wifi Bridge you can connect your race result System to a Wifi.
It is powered via the feature port. System and bridge together can run on battery for around 7h.
This Wifi Bridge is tested with the system regarding network and power supply.

Setup Manual
ALGE/TAG Heuer Connection Cable
3m connection cable for ALGE and TAG Heuer products with 4mm banana plug. Connect photo cells, light barriers, start gates, etc. to the feature port of the race|result System.
Possible use cases: start timing mode, set marker, precise timing for last/next transponder.
Test Transponder
Before big important events the test transponder can validate that every single antenna of the race result System is working properly.
The transponder should be detected in about 1m height above the antenna.