Conference Europe
March 8–9, 2024
Conference Asia
May 7–8, 2024

Timers Conference Americas 2024

Playa del Carmen

Feb 7-10, 2024

Thank you very much to all participants of the conference. It was a great pleasure for us to meet you, to discuss, learn from each other, and have a good time in sunny Mexico.
See you soon!

Enhance your knowledge and expertise in race timing with RACE RESULT.
Discover how our solutions can help your business thrive.
Collaborate with peers and industry experts.
Influence the direction of our products.
Have a good time with us :-)

Session Topics

Experience Progress: A Hands-on Ubidium Session

Newly Introduced: Ubidium Foldable Ground Antenna

Data Driven: Enhancing Participant Experience to the Next Level

Anybody out there? The Evolution of Remote Timing Solutions

Into the Future: Your Ideas on RACE RESULT Software and Hardware



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