Tracking and Timing with one Chip

RACE RESULT is adding a tracking function to their active transponder. For the first time it's possible to track all participants of an event - LIVE and without any additional tracking device.

This brings you a totally new event experience, live and interactive, especially for fans, relatives or the media.
RACE RESULT's tracking solution will be available in the second half of the year 2017.

Why Tracking has not yet become established

Existing tracking solutions have major disadvantages:

  • Carry along an additional device
    Athletes need to carry along a GPS tracker or a smartphone with a tracking app installed.
  • Low battery
    Every athlete needs to activate the GPS tracker right before the start. In the heat of the moment, a lot of them just forget this step.
  • Cell network overload
    Too many devices on one spot lead to incomplete results.
  • Low precision
    To save energy GPS tracker only send a signal to the server every one or two minutes. Therefore the precision is quite low.
  • Charging is time-consuming
    It is pretty time-consuming for the organizer to charge hundreds or thousands of trackers.

RACE RESULT is taking a totally different approach.

This is How it Works: Tracking with RACE RESULT!

When crossing the Loop Cable at the start line, the active transponders switch to tracking mode. In this mode an individual signal is sent every second.

The small Track Boxes will be installed along the track. Just use the integrated magnet to mount it on such as a road sign. The Track Boxes receive the signals of the active transponders and transfer them via the cellular network to a server. The Track Boxes add the current time and their own GPS position.
With this amount of data, it is possible to track all athletes to calculate and display their position on maps in various ways. This is when tracking becomes interesting and fun.

All round a Sophisticated System

The battery life of the active transponder lasts for over 1,000 hours of tracking - that's enough for 100 Ironman events. Time consuming charging and additional hardware are not necessary.

The three day battery life of the Track Box means the setup can be done prior to the event day. To charge the Track Boxes, you can simply stack them up to 20 boxes, and charge them with just one charging device.

Besides from installing the boxes along the track, you can place them on support or leading vehicles. This enables you to increase the distance between the boxes (e.g. every kilometer) and still do a live tracking of the leading group.

Tracking with RACE RESULT: Coming Soon

The work on the RACE RESULT tracking solution is progressing quickly. It will be available in the second half of the year 2017. Do you already have some questions? No problem. Just write a short email to, we're happy to help!

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