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Neoprene Velcro Strap (thick)
as replacement for the RACE RESULT HuTag or to be used elsewhere.
1+£ 0.75
100+£ 0.67
1000+£ 0.59
More than 10,000 ready for shipping today
Neoprene Velcro Strap (thin)
Well suited for the Active and ActivePro Transponders.
1+£ 0.65
100+£ 0.57
1000+£ 0.49
More than 10,000 ready for shipping today
Simple Velcro Strap
Perfect strap for the Active/ActivePro transponder when not worn directly on the skin.

If worn on the skin, the Neopene Velcro strap is the better choice.
1+£ 0.55
50+£ 0.48
200+£ 0.41
1000+£ 0.34
More than 10,000 ready for shipping today