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RACE RESULT ActivePro V2 Transponder
The high-end chip for 100% reliable detection and ultra high precision. For cycling, skiing, ice skating, inline races, etc.

Precision 0.01 sec
Max. speed 150 km/h
3D activation antenna
Battery life time: guaranteed 5 years, expected 7 years.

1+£ 48.00
100+£ 44.00
500+£ 36.00
1000+£ 34.00
5000+£ 30.00
10000+£ 28.00
More than 2,000 ready for shipping in 1-2 day(s)
RACE RESULT ActiveBasic Transponder
Active transponder for 100% reliable detection, but average precision. For triathlons, mud races, 24h lap races, amateur races, etc.

Precision 0.2 sec
Max. speed 75 km/h
1D activation antenna
Battery life time: guaranteed 7 years, expected 12 years.

1+£ 33.00
100+£ 29.00
1000+£ 25.00
5000+£ 21.00
More than 500 ready for shipping in 1-2 day(s)
RACE RESULT MotorKart Transponder
The high-end chip with highest precision at high speeds in close-to-ground situations like karting.

Precision 0.004 sec
Max. speed 250 km/h
3D activation antenna
Battery life time: guaranteed 3 years, expected 4 years.

Incl. Active Chip Holder.


Which Timing Software do you use with this product?
1+£ 55.00
25+£ 51.00
50+£ 47.00
100+£ 43.00
More than 1,000 ready for shipping in 1-2 day(s)
Active Transponder Holder
Chip holder for detachable mounting of all active transponders. Suitable for plain surfaces and tubes, poles, etc.

Compatible with all RACE RESULT active transponders.
Material: High-impact resistant plastic
Delivery Contents: Active Transponder Holder, incl. 3 o-rings

Cable straps with a width of 3.6 mm can also be used for mounting.
1+£ 2.50
50+£ 2.15
250+£ 1.80
1000+£ 1.65
More than 20,000 ready for shipping in 1 day(s)
Active Transponder Labels
Apply a permanent sticker to your Active Transponders to use the same chip file for all your events.

Packet of 3780 Stickers

Page Size: A4
Avery Code: L6008

Note: Do not use with Rental Transponders! These stickers are permanent and cannot be easily removed. Using these stickers on rental transponders may incur cleaning fees.
1+£ 35.00
More than 10 ready for shipping today
Transponder Storage Box
Aluminum box for storing and protecting active transponders from 125 kHz radiation

Material: aluminum box with foam insert
Dimensions: 620 x 400 x 240mm
Volume: 16 trays
1+£ 249.00
More than 2 ready for shipping in 1-2 day(s)

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