Neoprene Velcro Strap (thick)
as replacement for the RACE RESULT HuTag or to be used elsewhere.
bez DPHs DPH
1+1.09 EUR1.31 EUR
100+0.99 EUR1.19 EUR
1000+0.89 EUR1.07 EUR
Viac ako 30,000 kusov je priprvených ihneď k odberu
Neoprene Velcro Strap (thin)
Well suited for the Active and ActivePro Transponders.
bez DPHs DPH
1+0.95 EUR1.14 EUR
100+0.85 EUR1.02 EUR
1000+0.75 EUR0.90 EUR
Viac ako 20,000 kusov je priprvených ihneď k odberu
Simple Velcro Strap
Perfect strap for the Active/ActivePro transponder when not worn directly on the skin.

If worn on the skin, the Neopene Velcro strap is the better choice.
bez DPHs DPH
1+0.79 EUR0.95 EUR
50+0.69 EUR0.83 EUR
200+0.59 EUR0.71 EUR
1000+0.49 EUR0.59 EUR
Viac ako 5,000 kusov je priprvených ihneď k odberu
Neoprene transponder wristband
Can be used with the TransponderCard [reusable]
bez DPHs DPH
1+6.69 EUR8.03 EUR
Viac ako 4,000 kusov je priprvených ihneď k odberu

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